Computer musicians: Recommendations, please

What is the best wav file editor for a PC that you know of?

What is the best music editing tool you know of?

What is the best all around audio tool you know of?

I already have Cakewalk Pro 9. I’m looking for something I can use to directly edit musical qualities of wav files, introducing factors such as reverb, echo, etc. and still maintain audio quality.

Thanks for your help and recommendations.


I am a big fan of Goldwave by Goldenhawk. I’ve heard good things about Cool Edit Pro, but I find Goldwave to be more intuitive. It is a pretty powerful program, with lots of editing features not limited to:

Voice Removal
Noisegate filter
Highpass/lowpass filter

and much more cool stuff, all very tweakable with presets, or even raw numbers. It hasn’t failed me yet. Go to for more info.

Aack! I didn’t mean to say it was by Goldenhawk! What was I thinking? It’s actually by some guy in Canada.

(Goldenhawk makes a CD burning program.)

Start off with the best -Pro Tools- they have a free download as well!

Okay. I think I’ll get Cool Edit Pro (I’ve been reading about it) but I’ll look at Goldwave, too.

Does anyone know what type of files Environmental Audio (By SoundBlaster) is made of, and if it’d be possible to import them INTO an editing program?

Thanks again!