Computer parts question on Compaq Evo N150 laptop

I have a Compaq Evo N150 piece of shit laptop, and I have 1 major problem with it that I would love to repair. My husband and I are former geeks and could likely replace the part ourselves if only we knew exactly what it is.

It’s the piece inside the computer where the external power cord plugs into the laptop. We thought my trouble at first was a shorted power cord (if you wiggled it just a certain way, it would work. Another way and it would not), but my husband tested the cord and the internal part and determined that it’s the actual part that the cord goes INTO, not the cord itself. (and this is a new power cord, by the way)

So I’m searching in vain for this part, and before I get on the phone with Compaq, I want to know if this particular part has a name, and what I should call it when I go searching for a replacement. Any ideas? Better yet, is this a part I might score at Radio Shack or somewhere like that or is it a computer specific part?

Any help would be appreciated.

I assume that you’ve already checked at the CP / Compaq product support site for parts information. If not, go to and click on the “support and drivers for other HP products link”. I did a cursory check and it doesn’t seem like this would be a typical off-the-shelf item that you could order and replace. Not knowing the specific model number of your notebook, I couldn’t look up any sort of exploded parts view of your notebook. Still, you could give it a shot.

Could the problem be as simple as loose solder connections between the power input jack and the motherboard? If so, you might be able to carefully touch the solder joints with a hot soldering iron to firm up the connection again. Just a thought.

Thanks, Guy-
Unfortunately, the exact model number is lost to me, as the number seems to have actually worn right off of the sticker on the bottom of the machine. How handy!

I tried looking it up on, but I didn’t know what exactly I was looking up, so no luck.

My husband had the machine apart, but I don’t know if he checked the connection between the input jack and the motherboard- I’ll have him check it out! Thanks :slight_smile: