Computer People: Recommend me a DVD burner

I’m trying to find a DVD+/-R etc. drive that supports writing DVD-Audio discs, but I either don’t understand fully how it works, or I can’t find one online that actually does support it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hie thee over to VideoHelp, browse through their collection of online guides, and select a device by feature. User comments, ratings, tips and tricks.

I believe for writing a DVD audio disc, you’d compose the disc in whatever software you use, then make a disc image (containing the AUDIO_TS directory and its AOB files, etc). You could then burn the image to a disc using any software and drive that supports disc-at-one image burning.

It looks like there’s not a lot of DVD-Audio info on VideoHelp. (The DVD Demystified book contains more info.) Ersatz Shmoe, what are you using to author your DVD-Audio disc?

I’m not sure yet. I’m trying to build a computer for my recording studio right now, and I’m looking for all the parts that I’d need for it. I’ve already found the things I need to mix down to 5.1 24-bit, 96kHz mixes (and higher, as well), and I’d like it to be able to burn those onto DVD-Audio discs. Software recommendations would be much appreciated too.

Hmm. Interesting. From what I remember, authoring a DVD-Audio isn’t that different from authoring a DVD-Video in outline–you still have to make menus, I believe you can add lyrics and slideshows, and at the end you have to multiplex the images, menus and audio streams, but I’m sure many of the details are different. I think that many DVD-Video-authoring programs will let you import DVD-Audio-compliant assets and make a DVD-Audio disc image, but I’m not sure.

(Really, burning the disc image would be the least of my questions about this…).

Check out this FAD. Looks like DVD-Audio authoring-software is pretty thin on the ground. OTOH, the FAQ was written in 2001.

Does the DVD-R drive need to support reading DVD-Audio for it to work? Or can I burn the AUDIO_TS directory and all on a drive that wouldn’t be able to read it? If the answer to the first question is “yes,” then I can’t seem to find a drive that does.Alternately, it could be that all the newer drives can read DVD-Audio and there just isn’t enough of a demand presently that they feel they need to advertise that fact.

Another interesting site: Digital Audio Guide

[quote=**Ersatz ShmoeDoes the DVD-R drive need to support reading DVD-Audio for it to work? Or can I burn the AUDIO_TS directory and all on a drive that wouldn’t be able to read it? [/quote]
Once the disc image is made, any burner should be able to burn it in Disc-At-Once mode.

Likewise, all computer DVD drives should be able to read the data from a DVD-Audio disc… but if the computer cannot handle DVD-Audio, that data is meaningless.

As far as hardware and all goes, the computer should be able to handle it. I’m probably going to get an Audigy2 sound card, which has specifically been advertised as supporting DVD-Audio. So it looks like it’s pretty well set up. Thanks!

No problem!

Are you planning to get the ~USD500 DVD-Audio authoring software that I see mentioned on a number of pages? I was looking for trial versions and freeware, but it looks like DVD-Audio software hasn’t dropped into that class yet. Maybe DVD-Lab Pro will add some features…

I’m hoping the necessary software will be included, since $500 software isn’t really in the budget (Neither are the 5.1 monitors; I’m going 2.1 for a while until I can afford the 3 speaker expansion pack). If it so happens that a $500 program is necessary, I may have to save up.

I’m thinking that you may have to save up. :frowning:

A check of the tools listed on reveals one for creating so-called “Audio DVDs”. Confusingly, this refers to a DVD-Video with an ‘empty’ video track and lots of music or whatever on the audio tracks. (Actually, not a bad way to do it, really… replace the video with stills or empty video, reducing the space used by it dramatically, then you can load up on the audio. But it’s still not a real DVD-Audio disc.)

The USD 500 audio software I saw repeatedly mentioned on my Google search was Minnetonka’s “DiscWelder Steel”. And it only supports a subset of the DVD-Audio features. You have to pay around USD 2500 for one from the same maker that supports all the DVD-Audio features.

But as Jim Taylor says in ‘DVD Demystified’,

So the time you spend at DVD-Video-oriented sites like is by no means wasted.

If you do come across any low-cost DVD-Audio software, I’d be quite interested to hear about it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw that too. That’s actually what I thought DVD-Audio was at first: a video DVD with no (or little) video. But I guess it has higher bitrates and whatnot. The good thing about burning audio on the DVD-Video section is that people with regular DVD players (like me, for instance) would be able to play the discs. I’m not sure how big the sound difference would be, either. But it’d be nice to have the ability to do legit DVD-Audio discs. Maybe as a long-term goal, after the prices on players and software comes down. I’m not going to be able to do the mixes until I get the 3 other monitor speakers anyway.

And I’m having trouble finding articles about software that aren’t 2-3 years old, too.

Not sure whether this a fully embraced format yet. Although announced a few years ago it doesn’t seem to have great market penetration or application support. One of it’s main features seems to be enhanced copy protection.

See DVD Format Compatibility: But Will it Play?

Like the DVD-Video data format, both DVD-Audio and SACD are built upon DVD-ROM discs; their data can theoretically be put upon any of the recordable DVD discs.

According to DVD Demystified, SACD contans a watermarking feature (pit-width modulation) that standard DVD-drives don’t read, so SACD discs apparently won’t play on regular DVD-ROM drives. I don’t see anything about special copy-inhibiting techniques for DVD-Audio, only a mention that DVD-Audio has no region codes like DVD-Video. However, things may have changed since the book was written. The FAQ implies that DVD-Audio shares may of the copy-inhibiting features of DVD-Video.

Time to check the DVD FAQ again:

On DVD-Audio.
On DVD sound.

DVD-Audio includes things such as a gallery of still images that can be browsed while the sound is playing, text that is displayed as sound plays (rather like subtitles), and many more multichannel sound choices, with both lossless and lossy compression. Downmixes from the multichannel mixes can be specified for stereo output.

I figure it’s only a matter of time before disc players that can handle both as well as DVD-Video become common. I know they’re available, but as they would far outstrip the capabilites of my sound system I haven’t been in a hurry to upgrade.