Computer problem. Help please!

I’ve had this computer for over a year and a half with no real problems. My POS father-in-law used it once while I was away and all of a sudden it’s running slow with the “herky jerks”. I’m not getting any pop-ups or redirections or anything like that [yet! :eek:], but it’s running slow and jerky, and while it does that the “egg timer” icon appears on my cursor.
I use Mozilla Firefox for a search engine. I have Norton anti-virus & firewall, as well as Webroot Spy Sweeper 5. They all have worked great in the past and all definitions are updated frequently. But neither program has detected anything. I’ve looked all over and can find nothing that is suspicious.


This won’t solve anything, but you might want to check the cookies to get a feel for where he was surfing.

Unfortunately I usually have the cookies turned off, and when they’re turned on I have them set to clear when Firefox is closed. So I have no way of checking.

You could always try doing a system restore. I’ve found that takes care of all kinds of problems for me. Whenever I instal something/do something that messes my computer up, a system restore will usually fix it all back.

Download and run AdAware:

Download and run Spybod S&D:

Download and run SpywareBlaster:

If that doesn’t help…

Download and run HijackThis 1.99 from:

Then post your HijackThis log to the following forum:

My spyware program is better than any of that.

Maybe it isn’t in this case. None of them catch everything and multiple ones are recommended.

Are there any other browsers on the machine that he could have been using? Just because you use Firefox does not mean he did.

For example, I have 4 different browsers on my puter cause some places work better with different ones for me.

Have you done the 3 finger salute to see what all is running?

Anything new in your start-up file?

Do a step through on your start and make sure you have all your RAM working…

What OS?

SpySweeper is great, I’ve used it for years, but it doesn’t catch everything. That’s why you run 2 or more spy killers in succession.

You said you delete cookies if they have been accepted. Do you also clear the history? Could be some interesting reading.