Computer Problem--I've Got A Virus/Malware Help needed

Well, something keeps trying to hijack my browser, & re-direct me to a “browser cleaner” site, or something like that.

But my AdAware doesn’t detect anything.


I’m running Firefox.

Download Spybot and run it. It seems to catch some stuff Ad-Aware doesn’t. Plus, delete your temp files in firefox. If you haven’t already, run a virus scan. I currently use AVG because it’s free and doesn’t hog system resources. Hope it helps.

Oh, in order to delete Firefox temp files, click Tools -> Options -> click on the Privacy tab -> click Clear Now in the Private data box.

Let us know if that works.

Note that you DO NOT have to be infected to get popup spammed, even if you are running decent ad-blocking software.

The traditional route is via Flash. But there is a new exploit out that uses a “feature” of Java that can do anything with browser windows it wants. recently was running ads from one such evil ad spamming site. I copied the sites address and added it to my host file thus: www. errorsafe. com # EVIL popup site

If you are running a good firewall program (which rules out just about everything people like to link to), you can block domains like intellitxt which exploit the Flash “feature”. (Since they setup one address/affiliate domain.)

On XP machines this is usually located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

And be careful: the filename is hosts, not hosts.txt.

I just installed McAfee.

S’cool, so far.

McAffee is one of the biggest resource hogs out there in the AV world. this thing kicks 8 flavors of ass as a cleaner

its a resource hog too but it makes Mac and Norton look like a couple keystone cops hunting for Jimmy Hoffa. I use them to clean up then pull it out.

Another fun one I found recently is called rogue remover. Only checks for like 250 common spyware issues but it is done in 30 sec.

I just discovered this program today. I was helping an old colleague of mine clean out his computer, and he had the same problem as the OP. There was some fake anti-malware program shitting up his system. Downloaded Superantispyware. Bam! Problem gone.

Try this solution first.

Eek, eek, eek.

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FWIW, I typically run Adaware and Spybot one right after the other. Never do it in any particular order, but occasionally find things in the second run that the first didn’t catch.


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