Computer question: Boot Disk for Windows XP

It happened again! Windows XP refuses to start. I have a Compaq laptop with a 20 GB hard disk which is divided into 2 partitions (15 GB and 5 GB).
The repair function doesnt help, so I want to install it again without formatting as I usually do when something like this happens.(Have backups of the important data, but I don’t want to loose everything else). Unfortunately this time I don’t have enough disk space available. Does anybody know how to be able to get access to the hard disk to delete some stuff e.g. with a boot disk? I tried the normal dos boot disk which you can make with the formatting function in the Explorer, but to no avail. I don’t have access to the hard disk.

BTW, I use NTFS on both partitions.

Any help would be greatly apprieciated.

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:smack: I’m spending too much time on the sdmb, I keep forgetting that there is more on the net out there.

Thanks! That should get my computer working again.

Coupla points…

IIRC, the XP Pro “boot disk” is actually a set of SIX floppies.

According to Microsoft, XP is the last version of Windows that will be bootable from a floppy drive; future versions will boot from a CD-ROM drive or network.

I would try a small program, NTSFDOS which lets you boot to ntsf from a floppy to delete/copy anything.

Thanks for the help everyone, have already installed XP anew, hope it works longer than 3 months without reinstalling now. have been using the program you mentioned, handy.

NTFSDOS is an excellent program, in case you need it next time around.

ERD commander, by the same developers, looks great too, although I haven’t used it.