Computer question. Save me from own stupidity

I did a bonehead thing. In my notebook computer I was trying to format some diskettes and I forgot that a diskette drive is always labeled A: (unless it is B:). So I typed format D: and, as a result, formatted the drive partition that stored the only OS backup I have. Is there any way of recovering from this? Can I put a recovery OS on a memory stick? Or back on D:? So far, the computer is fine. It has no CD reader (the diskette drive was an external drive, not that it matters).

Your computer should continue to be OK until you have some catastrophic problem that requires a system restore, which you then will not be able to do.

One option is to contact your computer manufacturer and see if they will send you an OS disk, or recovery disk(s). They don’t ship them with the computer anymore because they expect you to make your own using a utility that reads it from the D: partition, but if you ask they might send them, or you might be able to buy them.

A somewhat more desperate option is to try to restore the formatted partition. I have not ever tried to restore a formatted hard drive but it may be possible to do, if you did a plain vanilla FORMAT and not some low-level format. It’s been years since I did that stuff so I don’t remember all the details, but you may need professional help to do that.

The recovery partition has a version of the OS that is probably tweaked for your machine by the manufacturer. If all else fails you can buy the OS disk (assuming that there is a currently available commercial release that is compatible with your hardware).

In any case, make sure you do regular backups of your C: partition because running a restore will simply restore the machine to the configuration it had on the day you took it out of the box.

there are recovery tools to undo a format depending on your operating system. i would not use one to restore a recovery partition with trust.

you might be able to order or download recovery CD. then run from external CD when needed or copy to D, the copy to D may or may not work.

if it could boot from USB a memory stick or external drive would work.

Formatting diskettes? Really?

Even when you can find them these days, don’t they come pre-formatted?

I’m with you… Sounds fishy to me as well…

You asked, so I will answer. I have a pacemaker and an examination of it to see if it is working and the battery still has enough charge. I noticed the last time that all the information was stored on floppies. I expressed astonishment that such an old technology was still used. The technician told me that it was and that could not replace those diskettes, at least not easily. Since I have dozens of them, if not hundreds, lying around, I decided to give them to the hospital. But I decided to format them first.

Well, the computer is two years old. I use it only while traveling and there is nothing on it that is crucial. I use dropbox to sync with my main computers (one at home and one in my office), so I really don’t want to bother backing up. If it goes south, I will replace it. I should have mentioned that the OS is Win-XP.

I was hoping that whatever program I used to use to prepare recovery diskettes, I could use on D:.