Computer question: SearchFast and ways to get rid of it in plain and simple language

My computer has gotten infected with this fucking virus some time ago. I’ve just found out that it is actually denying me access to certain URLs (even when I retype them up myself), aside from other minor inconveniences. Do any of you know of software (preferably free) which would rid me of this nuisance? Bear in mind, on the other hand, that I am far from technically savvy, so a page worth of instructions written in a language I do not comprehend to start with would be of little use to me…

As usual, thanks in advance for all the help.
(P.S.: Yes, I did go to the ‘Computer problems’ sticky first, but that problem isn’t dealt with)

Do you mean you’ve tried the recommendations in the sticky and they didn’t work, or that you don’t think they apply? (If the latter, then you’re probably mistake :slight_smile: …)

Gorilla: I meant that there was no mention of SearchFast, even though I realize that the question of Trojans has been dealt with. I wanted to know if there might be shortcuts with regard to SearchFast more specifically, or if any Trojan virus eliminator would be adequate. And which software would be best, to deal with SearchFast. I understand SearchFast isn’t the mother of all Trojans and that it can’t harm my hardware irreparably, but, to me at least, it’s annoying as hell.

There are too many malware programs to list individually in the sticky thread. If you google for “searchfast” and “malware” you’ll come up with info. However, the programs, e.g. Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, are designed to cover a broad range of stuff and you should download and install those two programs. I’ve done it on many computers and Ad-Aware usually turns up a couple of hundred bad files on computers that don’t even spend much time surfing the internet.

Re: searchfast, it should be in the Ad-Aware definitions, or atleast according to Spyware Warrior it is.


From your description, Omni-Not, I have a hunch that you have one of the manifold versions of Cool Web Search. A similar thing happened to me, with something called SearchX.CC that didn’t appear to be related to Cool Web Search.

Try downloading CWShredder and see if it finds anything. It’s a fairly small file, a fast download, so even if that isn’t it, you’re out no more than a couple of minutes of online time.

Poly, I did download the software and executed it. Says I’m 100% clean, even though I’m 100% certain that I do have Search Fast installed on my computer. But thanks for the suggestion. Much appreciated.

js, I already had SpyBot and installed AdWare very recently. As far as I know, neither spotted Search Fast. I also had The Cleaner installed, and it DID identify the Trojan and quarantined the Trojan repeatedly, but I’ve read somewhere that FastReseach re-installs inself every time you re-boot or launch the system; it said it would delete the Trojan if I purchased the software. I wouldn’t mind paying for it if I was sure it would do the job. By the way, I also have AVG (Grisoft) antivirus and Zone Alarm Pro as a firewall.

Could you tell me if the softwares usually deliver when it comes to actually deleting viruses and such? I’ve read on some message boards that the user can do it himself if he follows a given set of (lengthy) instructions, but I wouldn’t risk it given my limited computer knowledge. I would be afraid I’d create more problems than I’d solve :).

Well, you can try this: Update the definitions for Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, then re-start your computer in Safe Mode. I’m told that sometimes malware will be not removable for some reason, but in Safe Mode you’re operating w/ a bare minimum of processes and your removal tools can do the trick. Heck, before re-starting in Safe Mode, update all your antivirus definitions and then run all the programs, one at a time of course, in Safe Mode. See if that does it.

If that doesn’t work, go to a different board. Try the Tech Guy forum, under the security section. IIRC, you can register for free. What you do is download HijackThis and run it. Then you copy the log/report and post it at the techguy forum and somebody who knows a heck of a lot more than me will take a look-see and tell you what you need to remove or do to clean your computer up.

If that doesn’t work, shoot the machine like a lame horse.