Computer question : Win2k virus?

Background info :

Running a Windows 2000 Pro machine with service pack 3 (unable to upgrade to SP4)

It’s sitting in the network doing it’s job when one day I realise that :

  • Control Panel’s icons show up on far left of the CP window, with a scroll bar

  • Add/Remove Programs is now empty,

  • Copy/Paste no longer working,

  • Local Area Connections are no longer listed,

  • Find no longer working.
    After searching all over the web I found people with the same type of problem but none posted a solut(ion other than reinstalling Win2000

The Microsoft website seemed to suggest that all this is caused by the Blaster worm. It’s true that the RPC service was stopped (as Blaster does) but the FixBlast.exe tool from Norton doesn’t help and I don’t have any of the files, nor reg key’s, that are common with blaster infections.

Here I found this…

which is pretty much what I have.

The machine is not connected to the Internet.
Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them before?