Computer question XP 2 browers open?

I’m running XP with SP2 on a laptop and whenever I open my internet explorer two(2) browser windows both ie open. Anyone have any idea why this is happening on ie?
If I use mozilla firefox only one opens.

Are you double clicking where only a single click is needed?

sorry I failed to mention that.
I only click it once but it opens two browsers everytime I open ie…

Have you had any trouble with your mouse double-clicking on its own? I switched back to my old mouse because my newer one would produce a double-click when I clicked once and open two instances of a program or close two windows instead of just the active one on top. It didn’t do it every time but enough to become annoying.

Yes that was the problem. It was the ie logo at the bottom left of the screen which is the “quick start” button. It appears I was always double clicking it like everything else on the desktop.
But if I only clcik the quick start button only once then only one browser opens.

Which now brings up another question.

If I click any other of the quick start buttons only one program opens.
For instance if I click the firefox logo only one firefoz browser opens.

In anycase problem solved many thanks guys…