Computer Question

Does anyone know the proper name of the little monitor like things that are being used mostly in commecials? it’s that thing that looks like half of a pair of glasses and it projects an that looks like it is so far a way and is comperable to 15 or some odd number inch monitor. It’s also known as the visual eye piece for a wearable computer. Does anyone know the name of them, where to find them, and how much they cost?



Do you mean the entire assembly? If so, here’s a Head Mounted Display from Xybernaut. This includes the VGA eyepiece, headset, microphone, and ear speaker, for $1995 (US). This 1.1 inch eyepiece is supposedly equivalent to a 15 inch monitor 2 feet away. If you click on the very small image of it on that page, a larger image will appear.

I’m not sure where you could buy just the eyepiece without the entire assembly.