computer really slow, especially during and after watching Youtube videos

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I’m sure I ain’t the 1st to ask - why is the computer tortuously slow in general but especially watching Youtube? I have a few windows open, generally don’t reboot unless I need to (and the problem returns fast). Are there some settings to tweak in Firefox especially for Youtube or videos in general? Or is it simply a matter of more virtual memory or bigger page file size?

My computer slows down when I have YouTube on it also.

Mine too. I’ve long suspected it’s the weight of the stupid from the comments section.


You’re welcome.

A faster internet connection would probably help and I seriously doubt it has anything to do with any settings in your browser. Clearing a variety of local files (cookies, cache, etc) would probably also help.

Flash video is an enormous resource hog.

Until about two years ago, I was using an old XP computer to host file sharing, QuickBooks and remote desktop sessions. Performed beautifully, even with up to four simultaneous users. But a simple Flash video would peg the CPU at 100% and bring the entire system to a crawl. The only thing with a similar performance hit was the nightly backup process (which required it to scan files for changes, compress the changed files, and upload them to an online backup source).

Since you don’t tell us anything about your operating system or computer hardware specs, I really can’t make any recommendations.

System restore it back to few weeks. Please feedback if it works or not.

thank u SAH!:cool:

Windows 7 and XP (2 computers) - both got 4g RAM. I’ll try the system restore - what about page file size, under “system - adavnced- performance - settings” ?

Problem is most likely being caused by Firefox esp. version 13. Version 14 (which I now have) is only slightly better. Flash Player isn’t working well with Firefox at this point.

You may want to use Google Chrome instead.