Computer reboots no matter which way I shut properly???

All updates & security patches.
It just started doing it & I remember doing nothing out of the ordinary. ( I could have )
START-Turn off computer, left click - Select center red button- left click.
Computer shuts down. If I don’t immediately unpower the 'Trip Lite" in about 2 seconds after the CPU fan quits spinning, it reboots …??

Use the 'Windows button and the ‘u’ key and it does the same thing.

In other words I shut down properly and like I always do. I always un-power the system with the breaker bar that it all goes through and it could have been doing this a while until I was slow to trip the bar and noticed what it was doing.

After it has been off for a while, I can re-power
and it will not boot up on it’s own, It works just like it should.

Every thing else works just fine and has for a long time.

How did I break it?

I’ll be listening for an answer myself on this.
However, the first thing I would do is unplug the computer and hold the “ON” button for 30 seconds to drain all the residual power on capacitors. Then try the scenario again. I’m not sure what I’m shooting for her, just interested to see if it helped.

It really sounds like you are in restart mode when this happens. Why not try hitting “Restart” and see if it shuts down instead? Also, you could try the shut down menu from the “Task Manager” to see if that shut down works. The answers to these questions might suggest something.

Check the Event Log on your computer:
Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Event Viewer

Odds are you have an error in here that is cropping up on shut down. Sometimes these exceptions can cause the computer to reboot right after shutting down - fixing them will probably fix the problem.

Its also possible that if you have “Wake Computer on LAN” enabled, your computer could be detecting your network connection, and just turning your machine back on again.

Try booting into safe mode and shutting down normally. Wait and see if it tries to restart. Hopefully it won’t.

Then restart Windows and see how it goes.

Good ideas. I have done the ‘discharge the capacitors’ one, I actually do that a lot.

Will try the other stuff & report back.

Shuts down fine in safe mode. Still is goofy in normal mode.

I have seen it a hundred times but can’t find the “Wake Computer on LAN” thing. Getting old sucks… Splain me please.

Restarts when I hit the restart button but faster than the shut down button, that waits until the monitor has hit the ‘no signal’ point then it reboots. ::: gah ::::

If I pull the wall plug so to speak, it of course stays off and when I turn it right back on, it stays off. Only when I am slow to hit the wall switch does it act up… ???

If your machine has that capability the setting would be in the BIOS setup screens.

This article explains how to disable the automatic reboot that occurs after errors. That gives you a chance to see the error and hopefully fix it
I’d advise turning auto reboot back on after you fix the problem. It’s usually a useful feature…

Look under the section titled Recovery Settings

Ahhhh, I new I had seen it before… Thanks…

Thanks, I try that…
Will report back

Okay, I mucked around in BIOS and changed a bunch of stuff. I be good now. My monitor had gone wonky & I was using a second hand one while I was waiting for my new one and this apparently had been going on while I was waiting. Anywho, something about the way the monitor goes into standby when the computer is shut down makes this computer reboot unless you cut all power. I normally do this but now I do not have to do it at the right instant. All is good.

Thanks for all the help guys. :D:D:D