Computer runs slower after battery discharge?

I was reminded of this by the thread about standby on XP. I have a netbook (ASUS EEE-PC). One day, I llet the battery run down and since then it has run more slowly. For example, when I load a file in my editor, it posts it line by line instead of essentially instantaneously. A ten page TeX file takes several seconds to compile, instead of the fraction of a second I am used to. Turning it off and rebooting has no effect and I have tried playing with the power settings, also to no effect. Any thoughts on what is wrong or what I could do to fix it?

Is there some kind of power monitor utility tucked away somewhere? On my Samsung netbook, there’s a bit of software that runs in the background and can be configured to turn down the screen backlight, turn off hard disks, USB ports and most importantly, ramp down the CPU clock speed at certain levels of remaining battery charge. (This utility is separate and distinct from the power configuration thing in the Control Panel)

If there’s something like this on your machine, it could be that it set the clock speed low as the battery drained, and for one reason or another, it hasn’t been reset.

Have a look in the system tray (bottom right of the taskbar) - you might find an icon there for some power management utility. Alternatively, it might be accessed or controlled by holding down Fn and pressing one of the keys (usually one of the top row) with a blue legend of some kind on it.

I will look there. I had looked only in the power management icon in the control panel.

There is a power monitor but right clicking on it opened the same useless window that the control panel has and there is nothing about a slow mode there.

Have you tried removing the battery from the laptop while it’s running (with the AC adapter plugged in), then re-inserting the battery?

That’s not actual advice, just something I would try if I was flailing around with your problem, in the hope that it might reset the battery or something.

I’d probably also try booting with just the AC adapter, to see if that helped.