Computer speakers chirping

My HP speakers are chirping. The sound is not unlike a chirping bird. It happens about every 5min in rapid succession. To give an example of the tempo, if it were Morse code it would be: … … … … …

This has been happening for maybe 3, 4 days now.
I have owned this computer for about a year now with no real problems until this.

Is this a known issue? If so how can I resolve it?

Thanks, TM

Sounds like some sort of interference. Do you have a cell phone nearby? What you are hearing could be it checking in with the nearest tower.

Turn off your cell phone.


I have not considered this since I have had the cell ph for about a year also.

I’ll time the chirping intervals since they are seemingly regular, then I’ll shut off the cell.


CMOS battery alarm??

Are you listening to some recently acquired/ripped MP3s? Sometimes encoding errors can cause some pretty nasty, fingernail-on-the-chalkboard chirps…