Computer Wizards: VTReg.exe

Okay, I have a RoadRunner cable modem that is connected to my Dell 4100 via USB. I sometimes experience loss of the modem for first one reason and then another. Restarting the computer restores the modem. When I got up this morning, the modem had dropped off and I restarted the computer. Once it restarted, I saw something new: A message box instructing me to insert the RoadRunner Self Connect CD, which I did. Almost immediately, ZoneAlarm threw up a message box stating that program “VTReg.exe” was attempting to access the Internet and was that okay? I did NOT grant permission. I also immediately removed the CD. I have been completely unable to contact the RoadRunner help desk, which is not unusual, so I am turning again to the SDMB for help—What is “VTReg.exe” and should I be so paranoid about it?

Thanks for any input.

As far as I can tell (And I’m no expert), VTReg.exe is a program that RR cable is trying to use to ascertain which port you use to access the internet, or more correctly, the cable modem.

Again, that’s a far as I can tell.

If it were me (And I’m pretty paranoid/careful about who and what accesses the internet from my comp) I’d let it do its thing.

The bigger question to me, anyways, is why your using a USB to connect to the modem. So, how come?

A Google search for “VTReg.exe” turned up exactly nothing and that made me even more paranoid. I still haven’t been able to contact the RoadRunner help desk–maybe because its Saturday and I am not willing to hold for thirty minutes or so.

As to the USB, I bought this computer sans network card, for reasons I no longer recall. Hence, USB. When I subscribed to RoadRunner, “they” advised me to buy a network card, which I did. I bought and installed a NetGear FA311 card. While the computer seemed to recognize it, the modem would have nothing to do with it. In fact, the modem pitched an absolute fit and threatened to divorce me and make my life miserable forever. So, I went back to USB and, aside from an occasional glitch every now and then, the modem seems happy and content. In fact, it is providing me with a connection to the Internet even as we speak, in spite of not allowing FTReg.exe to access the Internet. What more can I ask? Seriously, why do you question the use of USB?

The reason that I asked why you’re using USB is that it seems to me ( And again (Have I said this enough already?), I’m no expert) that whatever significant gains your making in speed with RR is lost because of the USB.

I’d try my damndest to get that network card to work.

Regarding the google search for VTReg- I too tried google and came up empty, but a similar search on Ixquick (A damn fine search engine, IMO) turned up a site that, at least, somewhat explains what a VTReg is-- Virtual Target Registers (VTRegs).

After I found that out, I went into MS’s site and poked around for things relating to it. Everything that came up talked about it terms of showing/debugging ports and whatnot. At that point, I basically put two and two together and guessed that it had to do with the software searching for open ports and/or the port you’re using to access the modem.

A wild guess, and possibly off, but if it helps “trigger” someone else into giving an answer, than it’s not a lost cause.

Try using the ‘Find Files’ option in Windows to do a search on your computer for VTReg.exe When you find it, you can right-click on it and select Properties. Click the ‘Version’ tab. This might tell you some more about the program. Also, the directory that the file turns up in might be a clue, too.

Re: your USB modem dropping off

Turn off your power management in the BIOS and in the Power control panel applet (set to Always On). If your Dell is ACPI compliant it could be telling your USB device or port to go into power-saving mode after a period of inactivity. Laptops are infamous in this area.

I too have a RoadRunner cable modem (okay, it’s a Best Data but they lease it to me) but it’s hooked up to an ethernet card. Get yourself a cheap 3Com card, I’ve seen this solve many a connection problem. If you’ve got a friend in an IT department he can probably score you one for free.

I didn’t get a Self Connect CD but I can hazard a guess as to what this program is trying to do. Roadrunner has no need to know what ports are open on your pc (only you and ZoneAlarm need to know and control that info). More likely it’s uploading your modems MAC address to their router and sending it authentication information indicating that you are an authorized RoadRunner subscriber. That way, if and when you buy a different modem (and therefore have a different MAC address), you simply insert the CD, it uploads your new address, and you’re happily surfing in a few seconds if all goes well. I have to call my RoadRunner help desk if I buy a new modem and read the MAC address to them over the phone. So let it run, but don’t set ZoneAlarm to Always Allow, leave it at Prompt Every Time for VTReg.

I don’t have any speed issues that I know about, other than the occassional slowdown of the SDMB. Everything else seems to work okay, although most people do look baffled when I say I am using USB. Since USB seems to work, I took the easy way out and gave up on the network card. I will try again, however, and see if I can observe any differences IF I can get it to work.

NutWrench, this gets curiouser and curiouser–if I use the “FindFiles” option and search both my hard drives (C & D), I come up with nothing: The file cannot be found. But, I printed the ZoneAlarm warning and the file name is vtreg.exe. So, I am even more baffled now.

Horseflesh, the power saving mode is and has been disabled. My computer is a desk top, by the way, if that makes a difference. RoadRunner has, in the past, told me the intermittent connection problem goes hand in hand with USB but it has never been enough of a problem to truly upset me. Then again, I am retired and don’t have a hell of a lot to do anyway.

Thanks for the suggestions—I am going to look further for the location of this vtreg thing. When and if I get RoadRunner help on the phone, I will quiz them about it.

Since you got the ZoneAlarm warning when you inserted the RoadRunner CD, and you can’t find it on your drives, the logical assumption is that it is on the CD, invoked by the CD’s autorun. That would also make sense, since it’s not a widely known application - it’s some little fiddly bit that RoadRunner packages with their installation.

You could poke around the CD, too - look in the autorun.inf file to see what gets kicked off when the CD is inserted.

yabob, I guess I am not only retired, I am senile to go along with it. I focused so hard on finding the damn thing on my hard drive(s) that I forgot about the CD–and that is where it is. My face is bright red, but thanks anyway. I guess I will let the file access the Internet and see what happens.

I don’t know the specifics right now, but I’d assume you’d see a big difference in the speed if you were to get the network card up and running. That’s basically why I asked, especially since you’re paying good money on a cable connection.

At any rate, at least you’ve found out about the VTReg thing. Cool.