Concealed Handgun in a Car in Illinois

Can a person keep a concealed handgun in their car in Illinois if the car is their residence?

I’m not an Illinoisan, but I can give you a partial answer. In Chicago, handgun possession is illegal even in one’s own home.

Illinois has a [url=]Firearm Owners Identification Card that says you can own and have one, if you have that card. But they also say you cannot conceal it in your car. As for your specific case in the OP, I’d say you’d need a defense attorney to parse the language of the law, defining “abode” as opposed to “vehicle”.

Well, that’s not even a partial answer since I believe it’s incorrect unless you can provide a more current cite than mine.

It is legal to keep a handgun in your vehicle if it’s on your property according to However, if I am reading this correctly, the firearm must be broken down or not easily accessible or unloaded and locked in a carrying box. Illinois requires firearm owners to have a valid permit to own or possess firearms also.
According to Chicago does allow you to own firearms but has the requirement that the firearm be registered with the Director of Revenue.

If you were referring to my answer as incorrect, the term “conceal” means hide from public view yet easily accessible. It does not mean locked in the trunk.

I believe this cite is current, it was the same as your link, but paraphrased, using the nearly universally understood term “conceal”.

and I stand behind my position that the conditions set forth in the OP (I presumed the car was not on his land, I may be wrong) are not within the clear definitions of the law, as I understand it, and I would surmise he could be arrested and would need a defense lawyer to point out the seemingly conflicting language of the law.

Actually AskNott was correct in that Chicago stopped registering handguns in 1982. Since you can’t own a firearm in Chicago that is not registered, handgun ownership is effectively banned unless you owned and registered the handgun before 1982 (and continously renewed it).