Conceding Defeat

As anyone who’s been paying attention know, the other night Al Gore conceded defeat, then reneged on it about an hour later when the tide began to turn.

But is there a legal reason why he conceded, or is it just a courtesy? For example, if Gore had conceded defeat, and then WON the election, would he still have become president? Or is conceding a legal method of dropping out of the election?

I believe the question has already been answered in another thread. The answer is that it is a courtesy with no legal implications. If the results later show he was elected, then he was elected. The reason for a quick concession is to not divide the country. In the primaries the candidates are at each others throats but once the primary is resolved they all back the chosen candidate. Then the same thintg happens during the national election. Sore losers who contest the elections just undermine the system as is common in some third world countries. A quick recognition that the other guy won and now you back him makes the system stronger.