concerning charles bronson's death

i just read an article on yahoo about charles bronson’s death, and it mentioned how his publicist released this statement concerning all of the details and whatnot. my question is, what happens to the publicist now? does she go off to a new, ALIVE, celebrity? or does she stay on in some sort of capacity with the remaining family?

Most likely, Bronson isn’t her sole client. She, like his agent has numerous others she works for.

now Robert Vaughn is the only Magnificent Seven left.

Horst Bucholz is Dead?

Buchholz, Dexter, and Coburn all died within a relatively short span.

Since this is the first Bronson death thread I have encountered, I wonder what’s the first movie you saw to notice Bronson in. In my case, it would be House of Wax before he had changed his name to Bronson.

As for favorite Bronson movie, I’d go with “The Mechanic” for some reason.