Concert T-shirt?

So last spring, Michaela sang a song for Mark and Brian on one of their “Kid’s Breaks”, and she won a pair of tickets to hear James Taylor at the Greek Theatre. As it happens, our transportation situation pretty much made these worthless to us unless we got two pairs, and KLOS was kind enough to oblige.

The concert was last night. Attending were Michaela, kaylasdad99, kaylasmom, Valor the guide dog, and kaylasgodmother (also blind, but not a guide dog user). It was very crowded, and at intermission, I had to escort (read: shove a path through for) kaylasmom to the ladies room. I also had to pick up refreshments for four. This took up pretty much all of the intermission, so I didn’t have an opportunity to check out the merchandise tables, although I did see them on the way to and from the concession stand.

After the end of the concert, while we were walking to the parking lot shuttle, kaylasgodmother remarked that she would like to pick up a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. Well, I’m afraid that wasn’t going to happen, not on the spot, anyway.

Today, kaylasmom and kaylasgodmother were chatting, and kaylasgodmother indicated that she would still like to get a t-shirt.

How does one go about getting a concert t-shirt without driving up to Griffith Park and standing in one of those lines? Do they sell them at the store? I tried visiting the James Taylor website, and I couldn’t believe that they didn’t have an online store set up to handle such a transaction.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who knows how to manage this.

ETA: Fantastic concert, by the way. If you get a chance, you should go.

AFAIK, band t-shirts are exclusively sold at concerts or through the band’s website but this isn’t as common as you or I would think. If his website doesn’t have an online store, it appears that you’re out of luck. Does the website have any sort of merchandise section with CDs? Maybe you could send them an email asking about t-shirts?


You could try looking at eBay. I see some James Taylor concert t-shirts available; if any one is appropriate, it may be worth a bid.

Maybe another doper is going to see JT at another venue and might oblige?

James Taylor might possibly have an affiliate partner, like through Cafe’ Press or Fanfire or something. For those of us that are Alice Cooper devotees, his stuff gets sold through Zazzle. All you do is go there and type in their name and all merchandise ensues. And I’m sure those are not the only types of places that do that. It’s just the ones I’m acquainted with.

Good luck!

Ya, good point. It’s easy enough to set up a paypal transer or mail a check the old fashion way. :cool: