Concordances for Different Scriptures

When I was in high school, I was introduced to Strong’s Concordance, which I found to be rather useful for my study of the KJV. So, I’ve been thinking over the years that it might be interesting to see what concordances are available for other religions’ scripture. So, here are my questions and why it’s in IMHO:

  1. Please name the religion, along with denomination/sect.
  2. What English concordances you are aware of for that religion’s scriptures.
  3. What the advantages and disadvantages are for each of those concordances.
  4. Which one of those concordances you prefer to use and why.
  5. If the original text of the scripture concerned is not English, what is the original language and does the concordance have something similar to Strong’s numbers?
  6. What is the date of the most recent updates to those concordances?

I’m not looking for theological debate and certainly not condementations of any religions. I’m just looking for answers to the questions above.

Thanks for any answers!