Condiments for Bratwurst

Simple question - I like bratwurst, but consider mustard to be the single foulest “food” substance on this planet.

Anyone got any good ideas for stuff besides mustard to eat with my brats? Does pickle relish go well on brats? Ideas, please?

Depends on the kind of bratwurst we’re talking here: the kind that’s white or the one that looks more like a regular sausage? And is it a beer bratwurst or plain?

Relish tends to go fairly well with anything but the white type. Ketchup goes better with the white stuff, IMO.

Have you tried the ‘raw’ mustards? (Not the processed stuff, but the ones where the seeds are left whole?) Amazing taste difference.

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Sauerkraut and spicy German mustard.

Mind you in my opinion the only type of bratwurst worth eating are fresh, not precooked. If you don’t have a good local butcher try Johnsonville.


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Add sauteed onions and you’re all set! in order - bun, sausage, mustard, onions, kraut. mmmmmm.

There is a german condiment called curry- gewurst (sp?) which is essentially curry and a ketchup like sauce. My husband loves it, I find it repulsive. It isn’t too hard to find at any self respecting german style deli.

Brats are a staple at this house and we like BBQ sauces to flavor things up.

Anything beyond mustard on bratwurst is an abomination. And all bratwurst should be white.

That said, if you want to try the currywurst idea, a lot of Germans eat it that way. Actually they have a little spin slicer and you did the sliced up sausage in there. Try one part curry powder to three or four parts ketchup to make this.

So, very few of you noticed my opinion that mustard is vile. All mustard. I can’t even stand the stench of the stuff - even the “good” stuff.

I’ll have to try suatee’d onions next time…any particular oil to use?

Lately we’ve been buying the white Johnsonville brats with the cheddar cheese inside 'em. Pretty good, but I wish my wife would stop insisting on the cheese kind - it’s better if you can put lots of cheese on by yourself, instead of having random inadequate amounts included.

We noticed. Just thought that was silly, that’s all. :wink:

If you’ve really tried good German mustard and it doesn’t do it for you, then mores the pity, but their your tastebuds.

I’d saute the onions in butter, not oil. Maybe add a little paprika. If you use a barbeque sauce I’d go with something not so sweet.

No mustard eh? A nice white brat simmered in beer; cooked with onions, sauerkraut, and tomatoes (all of which go on the bun or bread) I’m not sure about availability outside of my part of Texas but there is a nice jalapeno spread/relish that really kicks it up a notch. If not, I like A1, but I’m pretty much an A1 freak, even goes good on mashed potatoes.

[Oompaloompa] What do you get when your kid is a brat[/oompaloompa]

[Clever Hans] A free meal [/Clever Hans]

I like my brats with mustard (which can obviously be omitted), but not before I simmer them in beer with onions for a while, then grill 'em. I have had them this way without mustard, and they’re still pretty damn tasty. Then again, I love onions.

When you order a double brat with the works in Sheboygan, Wisconsin…the Bratwurst Capital of the World…you get two grilled sausages on a hard roll with a slab of raw onion, long thin slices of dill pickle, and hot brown horseradish mustard.

I see no reason to argue with the good citizens of Sheboygan on the matter, but if you really, really hate mustard, just dress the brats with the onion and pickle.

(I’ve had bratwurst elsewhere, most often with sauerkraut, and it’s been awfully good, but there is NOTHING in the world like a Sheboygan bratwurst.)

Bratwurst? There are rules about this. With brats you get kraut and mustard. Nothing else. And not that damn’d bright yellow salad dressing mustard. That stuff is an abomination suited for consumption only by elderly ladies of delicate constitution at church basement pot-lucks. The mustard for brats is the real stuff—brown mustard, known in the Fatherland as starke senf, the good strong German mustard that takes the lining out of your sinuses.

We Wisconsin Hollanders like our brats (Johnsonville or Sheboygan OK, nothing produced outside of Sheboygan County, tho) with a hamburger patty. We call 'em Oostburgers. We also generally have our first cardiac procedures performed around the age of 40.

(I don’t like mustard either, and semmel is even more disgusting)

There are 2 must-have sides that compliment any wurst.
[li]Saurkraut: It’s gotta be totally “un-sour” though. IMHO; Bush’s Bavarian Style Saurkraut is by far the Sweetest, best tasting kraut ever made…the only kind I’ll eat.[/li]But even more importantly;
[li]Weissbeir: Nothing, I mean nada, nicht goes better with wurst like a glass of weissbeir does. It’s the second best thing in the world in my opinion. Hacker-Pschorr or Franzischkaner Crystal-Weiss or Hefe-Weiss compliment a heavy wurst meal with their light, effervescent, stinging crispness.[/ul][/li]
Think I’m gonna head off to Zum Stammtisch now, thanks

I gotta agree mostly here with Gundy, he’s got it right.

I work at Festa Italiana and Germanfest in Milwaukee in the summer, selling sausages of course, and everytime someone asks for mustard we just look at each other in disbelief and giggle when he leaves. It’s usually someone from out of town. A good brat doesn’t need mustard, or anything. If I put anything on when I have one, which is maybe once a year it’s ‘Special Stadium Sauce’ from Miller Park in Milw.

And no wimpy buns!

Mmm, Germanfest… I really should see if I can arrange to be in the area for Germanfest again. Or Summerfest.

Ahh, so no kind of mustard no matter what then. Hmm.

Garlic. Add garlic to the onions you’re cooking up. (I don’t usually care for onions, but garlic is gooooood.) Yum!

But to echo previous words… wurst cooked in beer. Pan fry the bratwurst enough to sear the outside, and keep the juices in, then finish cooking in beer (almost boiling it). Slurp. Make gravy out of the stuff left in the pan if you’re having potatoes, or use the stuff to sautee the onions and garlic (and then make the gravy). :smiley: Clogged arteries? Whaz that?

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What?! My Grossmutter spins in her grave. I’ll have to go with Jimson Jim: bratwurst should be bought fresh, boiled (preferably in beer) then grilled. Serve on roll with brown mustard (sorry, Kilt-wearin’ man) and saurkraut, weissbeir on the side.

I hate mustard, so I eat my bratwurst naked.

Psst, der große Käse, he’s a she*. And a damned cute one.

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Well, no one has mentioned my personal fav condiment for bratwurst – horseradish sauce. All kinds of brands like Jack Daniels, Hickory Farms and a company known as Beano – they all make it… It’s got a good kick to it but not the mustardy flavor at all.