Condoleeza Rice

What about Condoleeza Rice for the next Republican Party nomination for president? It seems to me that she’s had an influential hand in much of Bush’s foreign policy generally supported by conservatives. The soldiers seem to love her as well. Furthermore, she should be able to siphon off much of the black vote from the democrats in the hope of getting the first black in the white house.

What an exciting election campaign that would be if she ran against Hillary.

FWIW she has denied any interest in the job.

I read somewhere that Condoleeza Rice is a black woman. That might be a problem for her if she decides to run for any major office. Not only that, she has no charisma and is kinda odd looking. There is no way she would win unless the dems nominate a gay Jewish transvestite or something.

She’s much better VP material-- it’s just to hard to go straight to prez for your first elected office (unless you’re a General in the military). I say a McCain/Rice ticket will be almost unbeatable. McCain has been sending very clear signals that he intends to run. Age might be an issue, but he carries it pretty well, white hair and all.

Do you really think blacks are so stupid that they’ll automatically support anyone who’s black, regardless of her politics? This is insulting.

I too get really mad about people who make blacks (or whoever) sound like they’re mindless sheep.

But it can’t be stupid to think that lots of people were supporting Jesse Jackson because he’s black. I fully expect that the Republicans would set a record in exit polling of black voters if they were to nominate Rice for VP.

Couched in the absolutist terms that you have introduced to the discussion, it might be insulting. On the other hand, the idea that a strong black candidate would “siphon off much of the black vote” is merely an observation about the way humans act. Are you prepared to state that when white voters have preferred white candidates, it has always been only based on a careful consideration of the issues? Or, perhaps, when people go to the polls, they look for a certain comfort factor in the candidate and that racial identity could certainly contribute to a level of comfort?

Had the claim been made that “the Republicans ought to put up a black candidate so that all the black sheep will vote that way” you would have a point to see an insult. For the comment actually expressed, that appears to be a hijack that we need not pursue.

She won’t get a presidential nomination (and BTW she stated emphatically that she will not run – I will find a cite) for exactly the reason McCain won’t. They are not seen to have any cred with the religious right that pulls a lot of strings with the Republicans. She’s also at least nominally pro-choice, which I bet is a bit of a no-go for a future Republican candidate.

What edwino said. She’s not conservative enough to get the nomination. And in this day and age, that translates into “she doesn’t adhere to the religious right’s agenda enough”. Sadly, that has become the default definition of Republican conservativism these days.

We know why Dems won’t vote for her.

The black people voting for her would be Republicans and possibly conservative-leaning Dems. But I don’t think the majority of black people would. At least, not enough for Democrats to worry that much.

I have some ideas for why she wouldn’t be popular with Republicans either.

  1. She’s black. No, Republican does not equal racist. But Republican does equal conservative, especially socially conservative. Many social conservatives are polite and not-so-polite racists, let’s face it. They may express their excitement for her in public, but behind closed doors feel uncomfortable about being represented by her.

  2. She’s a woman. See above.

  3. She’s not married. We’ve never had a single president before. A single adult doesn’t represent the banner of “family values” as well as a married one. The Republican party has recently exploited “family value” rhetoric and will feel pressure to keep it up.

Also, a strong, educated, business-suit-wearing woman will come across as a GIANT LESBO to a lot of dumb people, especially if she’s not hanging on a man’s arm all the time. These dumb people would have a big problem with a GIANT LESBO representing them. Better believe it.

(Actually, I see a higher proportion of Democratic women switching teams than black Democrats, if Condi were running. Especially self-proclaimed “strong” women. I can’t explain why.)

  1. She has a Ph.D. and comes across as an intellectual. A lot of people like Dubya because he comes across as a “guy I’d like to have a beer with”. Condi comes across as…someone who’s class you’d like to take, if she was a professor and you were majoring in political science. More Americans like to sit back with a beer than listening to a college professor. Let’s face it.

  2. She’s a talking head, not a politician. She has never run for office AFAIK. Her area of expertise is limited and her governing ability has never been tested.

  3. She’s tainted by this war. It’s her face we remember from last year’s 911 hearings, not Bush’s. It will be Condi’s words that will be dissected if this country’s actions are investigated by the war crimes tribunal. Bush will be able to point his finger at Condi for giving him bad information; he will escape unscathed. Condi will not, not in the public eye, not when the dust settles.

We actually had a single president, James Buchanan. Let’s just say if we ever print a three dollar bill, he’s the perfect choice for the portrait.

I don’t see Rice as a presidential candidate. Her personality seems a bit brittle to me and I don’t see her standing up to the grind of a long campaign. And she is more closely tied to Bush than anyone besides Cheney. That might well be a liability in 2008 if the Iraqi quagmire proves to be endless. Nominating her as the VP would be quickly countered by Barack Obama taking the Democratic second spot.

If moderates somehow wrest control of the GOP from the radical right, then Rice is viable but still quite the longshot. If the righties remain in control, they cannot abide by a pro-choice candidate. My hope is that centrists will find a way to wrest back some control of the GOP, but I’m not holding my breath. Look for a True Believer like Frist to take the nomination.

Can you explain? You seem to be implying that she holds political positions that no Black (woman) should hold. Especially since you clearly know she is Black:

I suspect that was a joke.

I’d like to see a Giuliani/Rice ticket.

I have a moderate Republican friend who, believe it or not, admires both Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton, and says he would love to have a chance to choose between them for president in 2008.

I expect he’ll sooner get a chance to choose between a purple monkey and a pink unicorn.

But the current president also has no charisma.

Sooo, just to keep up, correct anything in this post I’m misreading.

1.) Being black is a problem in running for national office. Is that because conservatives are all racist, or you just can’t wrap your head around a black American holding said offices?

2.) Odd-looking? I happen to find her attractive. (Though she was an absolute hottie when she wore the hair longer) But if you base your vote on a person’s looks that’s your issue.

3.) Being black is somehow analagous to being a gay Jewish transvestite. Considering that is a racist, homophobic, anti-Semetic, anti-cross-dresser statement, all I can say is: Thank you for giving me a cite for defending myself against the next few posts claiming me the biggest dickhead on the boards. For that I owe you a beer.

Regarding her race, my guess is that the line “I read somewhere that Condoleeza Rice is a black woman” is a reference to her political views being outside the black mainstream. I think to the extent that she has closely aligned herself with the epitome of radical conservative Republicanism, that view has some credence. I think she has about as much in common with the average African-American as does OJ.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some may have fantasies about her involving lingerie, boots, and a riding whip and some of her fashion statements are along the line of dominatrix. Personally, I think she looks somewhat deformed and her hairstyle begs for a makeover. She isn’t my cup of tea but I believe that she is for many others.

Condi’s my first choice hands down. She’s smart, tough and presents herself well in public.

She’s a Republican that’s pro-choice and not associated with the religious right wing of the party.

She’s my homegirl, and it’s about time we had a president from Alabama.

I’ll do something I’ve never done before and contribute some money to her campaign if she decides to run.

I know your profile says Alabama, but somehow I figured you were a “Gentleman from Virginia”…