Condoms and Fish Oil

1.) If a person carries a condom around in his wallet all the time will its constantly being sat on have an effect on its effectiveness?

2.) What’s the straight dope on fish oil supplements? A friend of mine is taking them under the impression that they’ll make him smarter (or something). I think he’s wasting $6.


I really thought this thread was going to be about fish oil as lube or something. Which just, no. That is not a situation where you need to add in fish scent.

Fish-oil provides a type of fatty acid that Americans don’t generally get enough of, a fatty-acid that is important in brain development. From what I understand, it’s not a waste of money, per se, because it does give you some useful things when you ingest it, but it’s also not anything he couldn’t get by changing his diet.

Thanks. I thought so.


Eventually, he will realize that this was wasting his money. Then he will be smarter, at least about such scams.

Well, if you are staying up late at night thinking of ways to become smarter, you are are not getting enough sun light.

So you do need the fish oil to replace the vitamin D you are not getting from sun light.

I like jokes, but I usually try to avoid passing along mis-information when I make them.
Omega-3 has been well studied, here is a recent one regarding it’s role in synaptic function and the effects of a diet lacking proper amounts of omega-3:

Besides brain function, the Omega3 in fish oil is also supposed to be good for your ticker.

You’re talking about omega-3 deficiency. There’s no reason to believe he has such a deficiency. What I need to know are the effects of extra omega-3 (I’m just assuming that’s what people take the fish oil for based on your response). He’s taking three pills a day of fish oil and I just assumed that frankly, it’s unnecessary and pointless, like I always thought the rest of the supplements in that particular isle of the local Wal-Mart were.

Just curious, was the taking of fish oil a direct contributor to the need for an efficacious condom?

I needed more condoms so I stopped by the local Wal-Mart before dropping him off at school. I was also out of mouthwash so I picked up some of that, too. While we were in that general section of the store he decided that he wanted to buy fish oil. Apparently he’d used it in the past and “it helped a lot”. I figure it was basically just acting as a placebo but whatever.

So the two of us were at the checkout counter with a bottle of mouthwash, a carton of condoms and some fish oil. I bet the cashier thought we were in for a fun night.

The majority of Americans do not get enough omega-3, we are deficient (and most of us have a lifetime of deficiency).

Plus, we typically get way too much omega-6 fats, and the omega-3 (as in fish oil capsules) helps to balance it out. Here’s one explanation from WebMD, which I think is a reasonably reputable source.

If you carry a condom around in your wallet all the time, it does NOT lose effectiveness. Maybe it would if you actually had the opportunity to use it though.

Fish oil is a powerful blood thinner. That can be a good thing or a stroke producer for those on the edge.

You sure? The very first response in this thread was a cite saying that it does.

Can you explain why you think this is so? I suspect you meant to say that you have no reason to suspect he has a deficiency, but the person best positioned to make that judgment (namely, your friend) apparently does.

The joke is that the guy who carries a rubber on his person at all times, particularly if it leaves the tell-tale condom ring, will not have my opportunities to make use of it. I am inclined to agree that it is generally regarded as kind of tacky.

I promise that he thinks it’s as simple as “fish oil = smarter”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, thanks. And that’s along the lines of what I told him.

I think the joke was more, if it is in your wallet “all the time”, it isn’t being used, so it can’t be less effective than that.

Omega-3 is also used for cholesterol problems. I have to take 4000 mg of prescription-quality omega-3 daily. It lowers my triglycerides and helps to normalize my HDL/LDL ratio.

How comes there are Omega vitamins but not Alpha vitamins?