Ok I know of the generals of them -types, brands, materials, applications, etc.- but one thing left me puzzled. And I’m not about to make “the walk” and play along that whole asile to satisfy my curiosity…Do they come in sizes? Length or width? or is it one wang fit all? If I ever need to buy them I don’t want to grab a box of each, nor ask to see teh dressing room for a fitting.

Trojan, at least, makes a so-called “Magnum” size, that’s larger than the standard ones. But the regular ones pretty much fit everyone–latex is pretty stretchy stuff.

IIRC, they also had some smaller teen sizes on the market for while.

But the polyurethane condoms such as Avanti (by Durex) and Supra (by Trojan) are NOT stretchy, and the Avanti is definitely a bigger cut. Trojan makes LARGE, and ULTRA FIT (a more “snug” fit for guys who are “not so large”).

Even the regular ones are sized and shaped differently.

snicker I bet those sold real well, eh?

Try going to a local bar/pub… they’ve got vending machines filled with condoms

“They Fit” condoms ARE sized in a non-threatening alpha-numeric method. You can download a Fit Kit to check your size. Not penis size, but condom size.

UncleBill, are the two not directly proportional???

Girth is girth, but penis length is measured along the top, and condom length (according to that link) is measured along the bottom, from the tip to the point that a condom is normally unrolled.

The kit has some convoluted alpha numeric system for the relative sizes. You`re not actually measuring the penis, but fitting it to a relative condom. You can, however, tell by looking at the associated chart, how you “measure” up.

It`s sort of like placing your foot in a measuring device that says your size is “G4”. What the hell does that mean?.. Until you look at where G4 falls on the chart of relative sizes.

Quite non-threatening, no?