Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, any truth to it?

This rebuttal was barely a rebuttal. This barely did anything to prove he was lying so I need more info. I seriously doubt the CIA hires strangers to perform international assassinations, does anyone have any info on how true or false this subject is?

How do you “prove” someone was lying, if the entire story is fabricated? and if everything has been “hushed up” by secret government etc etc?

You’d have to search every newspaper to try to prove that there WASN’T a murder at such-and-such a place or time. And, frankly, the odds are that there probably WERE unsolved murders – we’re not usually talking about Nowhere, Idaho, IIRC, we’re talking NYC. And, of course, even if you proved there were no unsolved murders on that day in that place… well, perhaps he lied about exact date, to avoid prosecution. Or, the body was neatly disposed of by the CIA and hence never made the newspapers.

See how impossible it is to disprove? It would take an enormous amount of work, and would still fail. Most researchers have better things to do with their time than research something that is inherently completely implausible. That’s one reason that Cecil contended himself with just pointing out the utter ridiculousness of the claim.