Confirmed: Beatles' "Revolver" remix coming this year

It’s official:

The suspense over which album by the Beatles might be next in line to get a remix and bonus-filled boxed-set treatment is over: It’s officially “Revolver.”

Apple Corps and Universal Music have confirmed that a deluxe celebration of the 1966 release — which, like the Beatle boxes that have preceded it, will include a Giles Martin remix — is in the pipeline for this fall.

An official announcement of the project is not expected to come until some time in September, at which point details about the deluxe package’s contents and a release date will be forthcoming.

Ever since they started pumping out remixes of the Beatles catalog, “Revolver” is the one I’ve been waiting for. I am pumped, stoked and all the rest of it.

The article goes on to say that part of the delay in doing the album was Martin was waiting for technology to advance that would allow them to pick apart stereo elements of tracks recorded to mono (e.g., separating bass and drums recorded to the same track). I can’t help being a little leery of that, but I’ve been pleased with the remixes so far, so I’m hopeful the overall effect sounds natural and not horribly digit-ified.

Wow! Thanks for the info! :notes: :slight_smile:

What would (should?) a casual music fan notice about the remixes?

The current stereo mix is very much of its time, in that you’ll experience very wide separation between elements of the song (drums all the way to the left, voices all the way to the right, etc.). The mixes Giles Martin has been overseeing balance the sound in a way that’s more natural to modern ears. There’s other things to enjoy (like increased clarity in the instrumental parts) but that’s the main thing a casual listener would notice.

The chances of a 5.1 mix seem slim (and an ATMOS mix even slimmer) but I have my fingers crossed that Giles has some audio magic tricks up his sleeve.

Aw man, I miss records like that.

Can they remix the cover? So it doesn’t look like to doodles of a high school girl dreaming about her favorite band?

You like the White Album better?

Between the two, yes. I think Revolver is one of the worst mainstream, not intending to be provocative or deliberately offensives, covers. It’s so…lame. So badly conceived, so badly executed…

Though I prefer Spinal Tap’s Smell the Glove.

“And I don’t think that a sexy cover is the answer for why an album sells or doesn’t sell because you tell me…the “White Album”, what was that? There was nothing on that goddamn cover.”

Ah, I like that Laura Nyro used fan art as the cover of one of her albums (Christmas and the Beads of Sweat, IIRC).

That’s not a bad cover. It looks like a real person, with proper proportions, and shading.

Revolver looks like an 10 year old’s line drawing.

You should have seen the cover they wanted to do. It wasn’t a glove, believe me.

BTW, Nyro colored in the flower with a lipstick and later regretted it. I don’t mind it.

Funny, but I know what the Revolver cover looks like, but I’ve never given it any thought at all. Certainly not enough to hate it.

I was in my college bookstore back when Spinal Tap came out. I’d not heard of the movie at that time, so I was surprised to see this all black album in the record rack. The heavy metal umlaut was a good sign, but the all black cover made me remark “this is like the ultimate extension of heavy metal album covers. Forget devils and demons, this one is just all black.” I thought it was a “real” album.

It was several years before i finally saw the film. And then I understood: None. None more black.

Were their albums actually released? I see three of them, but were any of the in-movie ones made?

So, Picasso would be right out.

Trivia tidbit: The Revolver cover won the Grammy for best album graphic art cover of 1967.

You don’t HAVE to be a social media contrarian. It’s unbecoming.

Between Picasso and Revolver, Picasso.
Between Ghost in the Machine and Revolver, Ghost
Between Scorpions Lovedrive and Revolver, Revolver.

And it was done by Klaus Voormann, one of their early intimate friends from Hamburg, frequent musical collaborator on solo albums by the Beatles (he played for each of them except for Paul) and bassist of the Plastic Ono Band, and thus one of the numerous candidates for the title of fifth Beatle. But yes, the cover looks amateurish, especially for a professional graphic designer like Voormann.

I love the Revolver cover. Even used to have a poster of it on my wall.