Conflicting medicne instructions.

I can begin to see how frustrating it is when someone asks a question about electrical circuits and gets a dozen different variations in answers to the question.

I take the heart rate regulator Digitek (which I think is a registered trade name). My wife read up on it and found a source that said you should not use any milk product within 2 hours of taking the medicine.

So I asked the doctor who said that the calcium in the milk might reduce the medicine effectiveness by chemically bonding with it. So I don’t drink milk or use milk products within 2 hours.

I got a new batch today and along with it came the usual instruction sheet, which I finally got around to reading, which says, “May be taken with food or milk to avoid stomach irritation.”

What to believe? I will continue not using milk within 2 hours because that can’t hurt anything, but you’d think that the stories would be in agreement by this time.

I hear you. I am just finishing treatment for h. pylori and, if I followed all the instructions printed by the pharmacy, it would have been something like:

“Take this twice a day on an empty stomach and this three times a day on a full stomach and these 4 times a day, but not with meals and not together. Oh, and you shouldn’t eat any dairy products within two hours of those, but be sure to have some yogurt every day or you’ll be sorry.”

You should go with your doctor’s advice. It turned out for me that one of the medications I was taking should usually be taken on an empty stomach, but not when it is being used for this particular ailment. Go figure.

Do you have stomach irritation when you take it?

Make life easy and stay off the milk for 2 hours. If your tummy hurts, get a bite to eat.

No problems, my stomach seems to have ceramic lining. As I said, the doctor didn’t really say no milk within 2 hours but that’s what I intend to continue doing. It can’t hurt to not use milk or milk products whereas, using them might affect the effectiveness of the Digitek and I can’t afford that.

A little OT but I saw an ENT who stick a camera up my nose that went thunk. Turns out I have a deviated septum and he told me I should sleep on my right side (I think), as we took the camera up the other nostril and down my throat he diagnosed irritative laryngytis, he gave me an information sheet that said I should sleep on the left side (I think, these may be reversed). As we went through the sheet he did not blink an eye. At the end when he asked if I had any questions I asked him to prescribe a chainsaw.

Back to the OP… I find pharmacists best for those sort of questions, my life has been saved several times by pharmacists noticing doctors trying to kill me.