Congratulations gift for a Navy ship captain?

I know someone who is soon taking command of a US Navy ship. A rather notable ship, in fact. He’s a pretty big deal, and I’m very happy for him.

My question is, are there any traditional gifts for someone taking command of a Navy ship? My fallback plan would be to send him a simple handwritten note of congratulations.

If his ship was christened in the traditional fashion (hot babe flinging champagne bottle) see if you can find another bottle of that champagne, or failing that, get an autographed picture of the ‘hot babe’ on Ebay.

(Hope it wasn’t Barbara Bush I was referring to as a ‘hot babe’)

I don’t know what’s traditional, but if you could find something related to that ship it’d probably be cool.
Ship in a bottle, ship figurine, picture of that ship on its maiden voyage, etc.

Aircraft carrier in a bottle?

Don’t know if you could buy one straight off Ebay, but maybe you could “commission” one for the new captain? :smiley:

What ship? mrAru might be able to make some suggestions, although ship memorabilia is a good suggestion.

On the lighter side, a pair of ball bearings - to remind him how NOT to command?

Maybe some maritime antique, like an old sextant or chronometer.

A personal flotation device.

Go to a movie auction and purchase the whip from Mutiny on the Bounty . . .

LOL, might have to get him a copy of that movie …

Very good suggestion :slight_smile:

Ding Ding


A smooth-skinned cabin boy.

A bag of used corks.

Ok, so I’m generally taking it that there’s no traditional gift for a captain, that I can pretty much use my imagination. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be an eyepatch involved… how much do peg legs go for these days?

If you go that route, don’t forget the parrot.

I vote for the ball bearings. If a man can not laugh at himself then he should sit in a room alone.

I’m not following the whole ball bearing thing.

It’s a reference to the movie, The Caine Muntiny