Congress: Any chance party-control of either house will change in November?

For the House of Representatives, RealClearPolitics is calling 172 seats for the Dems, 214 for the Pubs, 49 toss-ups. A majority is 218, so the Dems would have to win almost all the toss-ups to take the House, so, probably no change.

For the Senate, RCP calls 47 for the Dems, 45 for the Pubs, 8 toss-ups – much closer. The Senate might go Pub, but it’s too close to call.

Anyone see it differently?

Hopefully, it won’t matter. 55 seats is, as the Republicans have now demonstrated, not enough to control the Senate. The Democrats should take the fillibuster and break it off in the Republican’s ass. Repeatedly.

Unfortunately, I have little hope this will actually happen. The Dems will be all reasonable and stuff and I’ll have to move to Canada or Europe to find work once those fuckers get done wrecking the American economy.