congress' fringe benefits?

Heard many stories about the unbelievable fringe benfits enjoyed by U.S. house and senate members. Give the details of their fringe benefits package.

Are you wondering about their benefits package (pension/health benefits) or “fringe” benefits such as golf outings (and such) sponsored by lobbyists?

Their benefits package is explained here. It does not detail their health benefits but I understand the health benefits program is pretty good.

Someone in your Facebook feed railing about "…Politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital…and receive full pay retirement after serving one term. It just does not make any sense. "?

Here’s some truth.

Whenever I get one of those screeds I just Google any random sentence from it. The truth comes out.

They get health care, provided by the government. hey don’t think you should have it.

Usually the screaming email also mentions something about the Clintons renting a house to the secret service for some outrageous amount.
Since 1984 - Congress critters pay social security just like most folks.
Early and long serving Representatives and Senators may still be in the CSRS (pre 1984) - Civil Service Retirement System like me (I started with the Govt in 1979). They and I don’t pay into social security and receive no benefits from social security unless we worked outside the government for a minimum numbers of quarters/credits.
Current congress folks are in the TSP - Thrift Savings Plan. This is a 401K plan with matching member and government (up to a max) contributions. The only difference between congress and ordinary govt. workers is that congress folks get a minimum match of 1.5% instead of 1%. That small benefit is because they may only work a couple of years (1 term).
Congress folks can pick any health plan available to other government workers - there is no special plan for them. They pay the same premiums as other government workers. Congress has a slight reduction in benefits here; I believe their coverage only kicks in after 6 months on the job.

Google is your friend. Do yourself a favor, pass on the correct info to whoever is sending you this garbage (and it’s a lot of people who you’d think were smart enough to figure it out). If they send more; hit the spam button for all future email from them.