Congressional Medal of Honor for Tony Blair?

I thought this was a Really Serious Medal given (often posthumously) for wartime service. Is this also an “honorary” medal as well?

Blair snubs Bush’s war honour invite

From the CGMoH page

I know defending the Iraq War in Parliment was tough, but…

Hey, “They also serve …” who send others into combat on behalf of a Brother in Christ.

Yes, the CMOH is only for US forces.

Shocking that a Mirror story using unnamed sources should be inaccurate.

From Astro’s link

If the article is true (note that it quotes an anonymous source), then it looks like Teflon Tony is secretly a member the US military. :dubious:


Looks like the story was just pulled out of the unamed source’s butt.

From the first link in the OP:

“Awarded a year ago”? Even given Republican majorities in both houses, the notion that Blair could have been awarded the Medal of Honor for valor over a year ago (and then just not happen to come by to pick it up) without someone in Congress or the news media happening to mention it is preposterous.

This story is pure invention.

A year ago Blair received the Congressional Gold Medal, not the Medal of Honor which is the US’ highest honor for bravery on the battlefield by US military.,2933,92258,00.html

“Blair received several rounds of applause and earned hearty laughter when he expressed some mixed emotions about receiving the Congressional Gold Medal (search). He said the first winner of the medal was George Washington, who won it for defeating the British.”

Well, in googling further I found this so apparently it’s for real, and not just for miltary service

Does Tony Blair Deserve a Congressional Medal?

Ah thanks! My last cite refers to “a medal” not the CMoH. Mystery solved!

I know nothing about this Ron Paul who is quoted in the link that astro gives, but given his confusion in this quote, I wouldn’t trust anything he says. Blair has been anything but socialist in his term as Prime Minister. Furthermore, Paul gives the fact that Blair is unpopular as being one of the reasons why he shouldn’t get the medal. The main reason that Blair is unpopular is that he pushed so hard to get the U.K. to support the war in Iraq.

The Congessional Gold Medal

Not really asked in the OP, but I thought this worth mentioning.
Seventy per cent of the Congressional Medals of Honor are presented posthumously.

Ron Paul is a long-time member of Congress from Texas. He was the Libertarian candidate for President in 1988, and he’s notorious for voting against more or less every piece of legislation attached to an appropriation.

To him, everyone’s a socialist.

Discard my second comment; I forgot where I was.

What is erroneously called the Congressional Medal of Honor is actually the Medal of Honor. It is the highest award the military can award for heroism, and is awarded by the President.

The Congressional Gold Medal being given to Tony Blair is a different medal.

This isn’t the CMOH… it’s the Congressional Gold Medal mentioned above.

And, before everyone gets too indignant, note that on ** Tapioca Dextrin’s ** link, that Louis L’Amour, Charles Schultz, Rosa Parks, George Gershwin, John Wayne and Lady Bird Johnson also won this same thing.

After reading the list, I’m wondering if it’s the closest thing to some of the British Knighthood orders that we have. (yes, I know we have the Legion of Merit for military personnel)

Can’t it also be presented in secret?
Upon reflection, I’ll slightly amend my (related) query;
I don’t mean as a conspiracy, but if it’s earned in a secret action.

If your question refers to the Medal of Honor, or military medals in general, the answer is no. The military doesn’t confer “secret” awards. At times the citaqtion for the award may be worded in very vague terms, but all military awards are public acts.

I coverd this question in some depth in my War Heroes threads in MPSIMS some time ago, if you’d like to look them up.

Yes, military medals. Thanks. I was thinking CIA in places like Vietnam and Pakistan. Too much 007, I suspect.

And not the Gold Medal either