Congressman attacks student for daring to ask him a question

Reprisals, my ass. They just don’t want to have answer questions from cops or cough up any raw footage.

What is your evidence that any of the trolling posts on that website are from lefties, by the way?

Shoes for Industry! Shoes for the dead! Shoes for Industry!

Yeesh. Dio, what sort of sick sexual gratification do you get from having your ass handed to you in every single debate you enter into? That must be the reason you decide to take up the loser side of every cause you run across (that and your natural affinity for loserness).

The actions depicted in the video absolutely were assault in both the tort and criminal senses and both under the common law and under any statute I’ve ever seen.

You are an idiot. You are a partisan hack who tries to cover your tracks by saying that you actually don’t like the Dems because they aren’t liberal enough for you. Doesn’t stop you from licking their scrotums every chance you get. What a sack of shit. Go bathe some more grannies.

Yes, those are obviously all from leftists. :dubious:

It burns. IT BURNS!

Please demonstrate how I am a partisan hack. You can’t do it.

I am not sure it reaches assault, but it was at least battery. It was an inexcusable error by the congressman.
Some people are pretty casual in their acceptance of people physically attacking another. The politician was absolutely wrong.

Stupid people need representation too.

Hell, I could do it in mime! It would be “Man Walking Against The Wind in a Glass Box With His Head Up His Ass”.

So let’s see it, tough guy.

And thus was the first time that “mime” and “tough guy” were ever used consecutively.

Now “please demonstrate how” Diogenes is “a partisan hack” so that the standards of proof are the same.

  1. You have no idea if they were students.
  2. Notice I said 'they". Unlike you, I can count to 2. There were 2 “students”-one to provoke the congressman, the other to film the reaction.
  3. What reprisals? As far as I can see, These “innocent” “students” are heroes to people like you.

I admit, that last part is…daunting. Did you take it by degrees or accomplish it in one bold thrust?

Well let’s see. Here’s this idiocy from upthread:

You’re a partisan hack.

And a fucking moron.

I don’t usually watch mimes, but I’ll pay to see THAT miming. Particularly his walking against wind while in a box.
Damn good miming if you asked me.

Everything bad that happened in the world for 8 years was Bush’s fault here on the fair and balanced SDMB. It’s Obama’s turn.

The fact you even mention Obama being responsible for anything in a thread that has jackshit to do with him beyond his name being used by students baiting a really creepy old Congressmen* is partisan hackery.
*Etheridge would be a great caretaker in a Southern Gothic version of Dark Shadows.

Nope. It’s rubbing the typical SDMB member’s face in their own idiocy.

Sounds fair to me. All you have to do is sincerely admit that everything that Bush was accused of was true, and that you were wrong in supporting him at all, and then you can start blaming Obama.


What the fuck does Obama have to do with fucking ANYTHING in this thread?