Congressman Pete Stark proposes Darwin Day


From the article -

Wish I could quote the whole thing. But my Congressman also said

I’d donate money to his next campaign, but he usually donates some of his campaign funds to other Democratic candidates because he always gets 70% of the vote without really campaigning.

Of course the resolution is going nowhere, but I’m glad he made it. I am going to send him an email thanking him for doing it.

Can’t wait for “war on Darwin Day” to start :smiley:

Awesome. I’m going to send an email to my congresswoman (also a Bay Area lefty who wins every election without trying) to ask her to support the resolution.

Pete’s falling behind in the adaptation race. Some places have been celebrating Darwin day for several years

Does this mean I get another Monday off? I’m on board!

It shouldn’t have been so militantly atheist. Simply praising Darwin’s scientific achievement would have been enough.

The hard right can always come back by declaring a Social Darwinism Day.

My congressman too. One reason I’m happy to live where I do, despite the high cost.

Hilarious, coming from the guy who thinks the US needs a national holiday to celebrate the achievements of Martin Luther.

Hey, at least Martin Luther was a anti-Semite.