Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene MUST GO

I always wonder how well-adjusted her spawn is.

MPV, HPV, MVP, TVP, it’s all the same, right Marge?

Empty Gee now wants to be Trump’s running mate for 2024. I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, she’ll probably lose him votes, so it isn’t a completely bad thing.

On the other hand, what if they win? Trump is an old man and not in good health. If elected, he might not survive his first year. That would leave her as POTUS, and that is a terrifying thought.

Would she be any worse than Sarah Palin would have been?

Yes. Definitely yes.

The Battle of the Low Bar

Sarah Palin might have been a shitty governor, but at least she tried to do the job. One of the worst things about Empty G is that she doesn’t even try to do her job. She likes the fact that she’s been kicked to the curb for things like committee assignments, because it lets her generate outrage and raise funds without being bothered with that whole “run the country” business getting in the way. She’s in grifter’s paradise. Not only does she have a national platform for grifting, she’s got a steady government paycheck as well.

So yeah, Empty G would be orders of magnitude worse.

Weird Al should a parody for the Lincoln Project.

That song goes thru my head a lot

MTG has an evil streak that Palin doesn’t have. Palin is an idiot who spouts typical Right wing talking points, MTG actively wants to people to suffer.

There’s grossly unqualified and then there’s grossly unqualified combined with a clinical diagnosis of batshit crazy.

The ideal combination. And she’s thinking about a place on the national ticket, as a VP or Presidential candidate.

“Those are things I’m definitely interested in, as long as I think they’re achievable, and I can be effective in those roles,” Greene said during an interview with Fox News Digital Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas. “But we’ll see what happens down the road.”"

Top quote from the interview: “I’m a regular person”.

Jesus, we do not need this woman one hamburder heart attack away from the presidency.

To be fair, I assumed that was a dietary fiber reference.

Good tie-in with the thread title.

I’ll ‘enjoy the go’.

I was thinking, “My god, what would it be like if we’d ordered the King-Sized Empty G?”

Whenever I see MTG, my first thought is of an old car leaking fluids.

I think you are confusing her with Rudy G.

Marge is once again endearing herself to the implacably ignorant: