Connecting Bluetooth To Telvision: Cell Phone As Source Of TV, Radio, Music?

I have a somewhat older flat screen, plasma television.
Was wondering if there is a gizmo that could be attached that would allow me to use my cell phone as a broadcaster of sorts, and watch TV, listen to radio and music from my cell phone?

I know some new televisions come with this built in, but mine doesn’t. Is there some relatively inexpensive way to set up my TV so I can show what I see on my cell phone on the larger screen?
P.S. Despite typo in thread title, I really do know how to spell television.

Bluetooth doesn’t have the bandwidth necessary for quality video.

Some smartphones have HDMI outputs that can connect directly to a TV. iPhones have similar output attachments.

You can also stream video over WiFi or Ethernet to an Xbox 360, PS3, or similar device.

ETA: To be clear, the limitation is usually on your phone, not your TV. Most TVs only have a few input connectors and they’re pretty standard; your phone, on the other hand, has to be specially built to output external video in real-time and that has only recently become popular. There are still competing technologies sorting themselves out in the marketplace.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just hook up your computer to the TV?

What kind of phone do you have?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

That’s the thing - it has great quality and reception for lots of video and film, so I figured it would be great to just slap on to the television once in awhile, especially when watching the news on my direct app to German TV.
I know I can see it on my computer, or move my laptop to the living room, but thought this might be a quick and dirty way to just hook up my cell and watch something.

A playstation 3 with a wifi router will do the trick. Your phone supports DLNA which will stream media to the tv. My brother has the same phone and uses this method.

You can try the official TV-out cable (RCA, unfortunately), which will probably look like shit.

Or go the DLNA route if you have a device that supports it.

I just found a similar (non-“official”) connector for 10 cents on Amazon - with shipping it will be $3.08 - so figure I will try it out.
I will get back to this thread in a week or so and let you know how it works (or doesn’t).