Connie "Wife of Wilbur 'Mr Ed'" Dies

I can’t find a confirmation of this but I saw this post on a blog

The blog had a confirm link but it wouldn’t open for me.

Anyone else here of this.

“Mr Ed” held one of life’s greatest mysteries. With a wife a built as Carol, why was Wilbur spending all the time in the barn with Ed? :smiley:

Indeed, my brother had a huge crush on her.

Indeed. When I first watched Mr. Ed, as a kid, Wilbur’s behavior made sense to me (because, when you’re 7, a talking, funny horse is more entertaining than a ditzy blonde). Years later, as an adult, I watched the show on Nick at Night, and realized that Wilbur was some combination of (a) blind (b) stupid and © gay. :smiley:

So, what’s wrong with animal husbandry?

OK, then, let me add (d) kinky. :smiley:

How sad! I loved Mr. Ed when I was a little girl. It frustrated me when I couldn’t get my horses to talk, so I just figured Mr. Ed was a magical horse. Kinda like a Unicorn…or my father needed to hire Wilbur to run his stables. Thanks for the fond childhood memories, Connie!

google news doesn’t turn up anything on this.

I love Mr. Ed - I wish I could still find it on TV. I love Connie Hines, too, but she was a 5th wheel - the neighbors (first neighbors, the Addisons) rank higher in cast importance.

This TV. Dunno if it’s available where you are, or if you have a TV capable of picking it up, but Mr. Ed is on weekday mornings at 6:30 (Eastern).

Amazing the things you can pick up when your lunch break is at 3:15 a.m.

it opened for me, and there are further postings which would indicate it’s true.

I can’t find it being reported at any credible news source. Nor at IMDb, Wikipedia, or TMZ. Just some blogs. This could be the Slim Whitman fiasco all over again!

Of course, it could be they’re all too busy chattering about Brittany Murphy!..TRM

Thanks for doing that, I don’t know why I tried it on two different browswer and the link hangs for me

Still nothing at google news. I created a google news alert for “Connie Hines” this afternoon and I haven’t gotten anything.

Thanks, teletype; I came by to post the same LA Times obit. It ain’t The Reader, but I suppose it’s a semi-official news source. I guess we can stop horsing around now…TRM

I dunno why they’d give priority to Murphy. A corpse is a corpse.

Of course, of course.

That is, of course, unless the corpse is the famous Mr. Ed’s owner’s wife.

Stop! You’re killing me here! :D:D:D