Consecutivising Thread Titles II

Soooooo sorry, I just couldn’t resist. You can’t make this stuff up, I swear!

From GQ: (Today)

Porn: A woman and a Shetland Pony

What can be done about small stains?

How does ‘Laser Vaginal Tightening’ work?

Bwaahaahahahahahaha ROTFLMAO, and I can’t stop! :smiley:

(Sorry again :wink: )

I can’t believe I am posting this. At the moment in GQ

**How Does ‘Laser Vaginal Tightening’ Work?
Slot machine questions **

:eek: :eek:

IMHO just now:

**How did humanity survive without TiVo?

California burgers**

Currently at the top of the charts in MPSIMS:

I lasted an hour last night…

Wish me luck tonight!


**Joining the SDMB Motorcyclist Ranks…

Biker Gang of Fools**

**Are there still philosophers?
So I lasted an hour last night… **

I guess that’d be a “no,” then… :dubious:

Just now in IMHO:

Diagnose me
Erection During Medical Exam

**Biker Gang of Fools
A prank odyssey

So I lasted an hour last night…
Finally! Gold! **

From Cafe Society

**Poor casting choices ( 1 2 3 ) **
Shirt Ninja 13 Today 06:58 PM

**Ellen DeGeneres to Star in Remake of “Oh, God.” **
Diogenes the Cynic Today 06:55 PM

Q for the OP: Consecutivising Thread Titles II???
I realize the roman numeral system doesn’t have a zero, so I’ll assume you meant *Consecutivising Thread Titles MM.

in IMHO right now:

Blew up the TV
What TV should I buy?