Conservative advertising on Air America Radio

What is up with that? I’ve recently been listening to Air America on the Sirius network and online, and it seems most of the advertising has a conservative bent. I’ve heard ads sponsored by the US Army, Family Minute Network, something being promoted by Colin Powell, innumerable anti-drug ads, and more. If I’m the only one who’s experiencing this phenomenon, let me know, and I’ll start taking notes and offering cites within a day or two. But if anyone else has noticed this – what’s the deal?

The anti-drug ads are public service announcements.

I haven’t noticed much from Family Minute Network or Colin Powell, but anything would be better than those stupid Bobby Likis snake oil commercials…

“Have you ever noticed that your dashboard is covered with indicator lights and gauges? I’ll explain what they all mean in a minute, but first, let me tell you about an exciting new product, the Extreme Super Tornado. It’ll give your car better gas mileage and more horsepower, make your jimmy thicker, and get your woman in the mood quicker!”