Conservative Cowards Call "Cut and Run!"

I find it ironic that Rove’s Republicans are accusing Democrats of cowardice when the behavior I see among many conservatives, which stinks of cowardice.

I am referring of course to the way so many Republicans fearmonger, and in doing so show every evidence of having caved in to fear themselves.

The most notable examples of this are Dennis Miller and James Lileks, both of whom took a big turn to the right after 9/11. Their response to 9/11 was to say, “Oh, save me big military men! Save me President Bush! Do whatever you like, take away any rights of mine and other Americans you like, just keep those big nasty Moors away from our doors! Let me stay here safe with my parties and my matchbook collections and my postcards of old motels while you big, strong soldiers take care of that horrible threat that scares me so much I can’t even think – and it should scare YOU so much you can’t even think, too, if you’re a real Amurrican.”

Courage was once defined as “grace under pressure” and that’s exactly what conservatives HAVEN’T shown since 9/11. The courageous way to respond to an attack like 9/11 is to calmly and logically asess the origin and nature of the threat posed by the attack, and come up with a rational response to it. Where is Al-Qaeda headquartered? What nations support them? How can we prevent them from doing stuff of this nature again, up to and including invading their asses? That sort of question.

Now, when you pay attention and ask that sort of question, you come up with answers like “Afghanistan is run by the Taliban which is basically Al-Qaeda, the Government, they’ve got training bases for terrorists all over the place and it’s basically Al-Qaeda Central. It would be good to change things over there, alrighty.”

Now, that was clean thinking. Afghanistan is definitely better off with the Taliban banished to the remote provinces where not even the US Army dares to tread. It was a wise use of military force, not panic-spew.

Then we have “Iraq, although it has no known ties to Al-Qaeda, and doesn’t pose any real threat to anybody since we crushed their Army, might someday soon have dangerous weapons and be very scary and so let’s invade now!”

That’s not thinking. That’s not grace under pressure. That’s panic spew, and every American who gave into it ought to be ashamed at being part of a revolting display of national cowardice. (OK, Bush lied his ass off about Iraq and made it appear much more dangerous than it is, but still, even back before the invasion, the evidence was there all along for anyone who cared to look.)

But cowardly conservatives like Lileks and Miller didn’t care to look. They didn’t wanna know. “Oh, protect us, do ANYTHING you want, brave military men!” they said. “Torture innocent people! Detain them illegal without trial! Wiretap them! Wiretap us! Don’t worry about piddly things like warrants! Protect us from the bad men!”

And since then, the constant praising of the military, the cries to support our brave troops and to support the decisions of the Administration no matter how transparently they’re the deranged products of brain-damaged scumbags scheming to loot both the US and Iraq, have had a really pathetic, disgusting, syncophatic quality to it, like a hysterical old woman fawning over a pretty boy.

So when Karl Rove and his fellow travelers call the Dems cowards with phrases like “Cut and run” I got nothing but contempt for them. I thought nothing could further deepen the revulsion I feel for them. Well, I was wrong. Calling anyone else a coward … are they THAT fucking self-deluded? Yes, sadly, they probably are. Self-deluded, candy-ass lying scumbag asshole hypocrites to the ninth order, to a man! And a woman! (I’m looking at YOU, Ann Coulter!) To hell with them all!

A once-powerful right-wing movement I’ll call the “Godwins” (to disguise their real name, which is something of a hot button all on its own) long ago perfected the art and strategy of The Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

It’s all about deflection: when you employ a tactic you’re not proud of, do everything you can to associate the concept with the other guy. Anyone anti-X must obviously be not-X, different from X, and people often assume that means using entirely different tools and methods than X.

If you must spy, it’s safest to loudly condemn others as spies. If you plan unprovoked attacks on other nations, first claim they attacked you or yours without cause. Likewise, if you feel it advantageous to spread fear to further your power, it pays to paint the opposition as fearmongers.

That should read “Dean’s Democrats.”

If you’re gonna lump, lump away. If nothing else, I’m making more an effort than I did 3 years ago.

Carry on.

Some of the attentive Republicans are beginning to find Cheney’s lies, Rumfeld’s arrogance, and Bush’s “depth perception,” humiliating. And no conservative can easily digest the kind of spending that is going on. Are you saying that Dennis Miller still hasn’t come around?

What ever happened to “But I could be wrong…”?

I don’t think he’s actually believed he could be wrong since 2000, if not earlier.

For every Conservative (and at this point, I really don’t think there’s much use in delineating “Democrat” from “Republican”) I’ve heard/seen saying, “Maybe the administration just miiiiight have made a few missteps,” I see two more saying, “The President has integrity! The President knows what he’s doing!” Always with the silent “why do you hate America?” at the end.*
*The use of the silent noun or adjective at the end of a sentence is a skill at which most of us are practiced. I am skilled at the use of the silent “asshole”**, as in “Thank you Mr. Customer Service Man. You were a really big help. [Asshole.]”
** which does not denote a preference for “silent but deadly.”

ROFL yeah, he knows what he is doing. That is why EVERYTHING ALWAYS seems to be such a big damn surprise to him.

I didn’t know.
Nobody could have foreseen.
Nobody could have guessed.
Nobody could have predicted.
Nobody told me.

I call bullshit on the whole thing. Either he is the stupidest, most incompetent SOB on the planet, or the biggest liar. After his “I didn’t know” and “we couldn’t foresee” nonsense during the Katrina huricane, and watching the video where “good job” Brownie tried to tell him beforehand just how bad it would be, I call bullshit on Bush.

His so called “plan” on Iraq (stay the course no matter what) also makes me call bullshit.

Is it that he doesn’t know, or just doesn’t care? He said he gets his orders directly from God. So, no facts, no arguments will sway him. He just doesn’t care, and probably never did care.

As for the “why do you hate America”, well I got tired of that years ago. I would ask Bush’s supporters, after all the corruption, scandals, dictatorial “unitary executive” claims, whittling away at the bill of rights, and the war deaths for NO apparent reason, why do THEY hate America.

But it’s so simple:

  1. Hate America.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Yeah, don’t you hate it when people attack the character of others with whom they disagree politcally? I sure do, no matter which side of the aisle the insult originates from.

The two are not exclusive.

And like any tough-talking, right-wing conservative, Karl Rove never served in the military and made sure he got his student deferment during the Vietnam War. But by damn it, he knows a coward when he sees one. :rolleyes:

As Beware of Doug stated, this is the “Pot Callng the Kettle Black” strategy rearing its ugly head once again.

It takes one to know one I guess? Now I bet they will start swiftboatung Murtha (if it hasn’t started already).

I read somewhere yesterday, that the stalwart war hero Republicans have “borrowed” the Democrat proposal fo a phased withdrawal now. It was “leaked” to the press I think.

I have one of those gung ho war mongering Repubs at work. A while back he started his rhetoric again, and was gonna kick my ass. You should have seen him run (literally) when I told him to shut up and do it. Fucking coward he was.

Oh, my, yes, the Murtha swiftboating is under way. You had some doubt?