Conservatives in Congress moving to impeach Rod Rosenstein (article)

First thing that jumped out at me when I saw his name.
JJ knows this’ll go nowhere, but his scandal won’t.

Green onion on.

Trey Gowdy rules out Rosenberg impeachment.

There isn’t enough support for it, he says.

C’mon, right-wingers. When Trey Gowdy thinks you’re being more insane than usual, time to look into a mirror and start slapping the face you see there.

I can see Gowdy doing this only to save face for the nincompoop he made of himself going after FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok.

His base just saw the outtakes, the scenes where he is sternly questioning, pinning him with his steely gaze. They didn’t see, and likely wouldn’t understand, how Strzok’s reply twisted him into a pretzel and sprinkled him with lavender water.

Strzok. Is that Vulcan?

Rosenberg? Is that just a typo or am I missing an insider reference? Are they going for the death penalty?

It’s a typo - they meant [del]Rosenpenis[/del] [del]Rosenrosen[/del] [del]Rosen[/del] Rosenstein.


You caught me. Bran farts R us.

ETA: I meant Brain farts R us.

The bran ones are totally different in sound.

Here we go:

No, we don’t.

I’m aghast at the number of people who seem to be wiling to let others tell them things that aren’t true, and the number of people who believe that as long as you say something, it must be true.

Why am I hearing this in Hanover Fist’s voice? :smiley:

Trump: Don’t worry, Giuliani… I’ve got an angle. :smiley:

man I love this place

I don’t know, Bo, I’m hearing it in Gene Wilder’s.

Um… just Gene Wilder or Gene-Wilder-as- ? :confused:

And so it seems, not surprisingly, that the conservative House members pushing for Rosenstein’s impeachment will not attempt to force a floor vote before leaving on a month-long recess:

So, pure political posturing for now people.


All this fuss? Why Mark Meadows just said he’s tabling these efforts.

Look, it’s now just a contempt process. Nothing to worry about now…

It’s not a thing when applied to the House; Constitutionally speaking, no Congressman may be charged criminally for commencing an impeachment, even if his motives were to disrupt the investigation.

The House of Representatives provides “case managers,” typically the members who were leading the impeachment bills in the House. They act as prosecutors; the Senate is the jury, and the Chief Justice the judge . . . with the twist that the jury can set the rules for the trial.