console game system recommendation

I am thinking about getting my 7-yr-old a gaming system for Christmas. I am uncertain as to which one. Nintendo Gamecube is certainly the cheapest, but PS2 seems like it has more games.
I am looking for the sytem which has the most games that would be of interest to a rather precocious 7-yr-old girl. She likes anything with “cute” characters, Barbie-relateed games, etc.

Any recommendations??

Chris W

The PS2 has a lot more to choose from, as far as the games go. But they do tend to break down quickly- Sony only covers it for 90 days after purchase.

The NGC is probably going to die after this year’s x-mas season, but it does have many games for younger players, and as you said, it’s US$80 cheaper right now. If you wanted a PS2 to use also as a DVD player, there are many better DVD players now selling for less than US$50-- So don’t buy it for that.

I’d go with the NGC. Or a GBA-SP.

You may be able to get the 'Cube for only 50 bucks at Electronics Boutique, if there’s one near you. If thi were a older gamer, or your coputer not really set up for games, I’d suggest a PS2 or XBox, but as it is, the Cube is all you need.

Although, you could just get a gameboy. That’d do fine.

That’s a load of crap and every game website will tell you the same.

But he is right, a GameCube is the system of choice among younger (and older for that matter) gamers.

With Mario Kart coming out soon and Super Mario Sunshine, Smash Bros, and Sonic games, this is what you should get. It also has a healthy selection of saturday morning cartoon to game conversions.

But if you’re a gamer too then the Cube is also what you need. Mario Kart is amazing for everyone and if you want some of the more “adult” titles there’s Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness and Metroid Prime.

I’m a PS2 man, myself, but my kids love their Gamecube. The Mario, Zelda, and Metroid franchises are perfect for that age range, and the name recognition can’t be beat. Yes, I think that ‘Ratchet and Clank’ is an incredibly good game, but I doubt that there is anyone over 5 that doesn’t know who Mario and Luigi are.

I’d second (or third) the Gamecube. No, it’s far from “dead” with tons of announced titles for 2004 and beyond. Plenty of older gamer titles including some exclusives, like the outstanding Metroid Prime, and a plethora of titles for the younger set, the most obvious being Animal Crossing which really defies description, though Sims for kids comes close. Inexplicably this game is a runaway bestseller and has become popular with older gamers too. Also check out Super Monkey Ball 2 and Mario Party 4.

For a seven year-old? Yep, Gamecube is the way to go. All that talk about the 'Cube dying is just talk.

Even if the Gamecube “dies,” it’s not like the existing games will vanish from the face of the earth. After all, every console out there has more games available than a rational person would be willing to buy. I’ve never understood the argument about the number of games available for a system. Besides, in a couple of years, there will be a whole new batch of consoles, and again not long after that. I think the majority is right, Gamecube is the way to go.

For a seven year-old? Yep, Gamecube is the way to go. All that talk about the 'Cube dying is just talk.

I was with you til you said Mario Party 4- mandatory 4-player is not fun, and a 7 year-old playing by herself would quickly grow bored watching 3 COM players take their turns. Super Monkey Ball 2 is a great game (has 2 Main games and 12 minigames), has tons of replay value, and is only $30 new at most stores.

Chris, I’ll add Pikmin to the list, but would recommend you check it yourself for propriety- really cute, but it does involve leading armies of cute plant sproutlings into battle against insects.

The Mario Party games are great if you have others to play with. Not very good for solo play.

Is Super Monkey Ball 2 as hard as the first one? If it is, it might be too hard for a 7 year-old…then again, maybe not. Some (most?) 7 year-olds could probably kick my ass at vidoe games.

The Easy is easier, but the Medium and hard are harder. Story mode has a mix of difficulty levels, but the minigames are pretty kid friendly (and good multiplayer fun), including one that’s a Pokmon Snap clone.

Darth Nader, that’s a load of crap. GameCube is right on par with Xbox as far as world wide sales are concerned and would you dare to venture that the “Xbox is dying”? I doubt it. In fact, since the price drop, GameCube has been outselling PS2 and GC in every territory.

Actually, Darth Nader, I’m sorry about the way I came across in my post. It sounded a lot meaner than I intended.

Another vote for the GameCube. There are lots more quality titles for younger players available for the Cube than the PS2, in my opinion, although I can’t speak for the X-box. But, then, the X-box is clunky looking. If I was seven again, I’d be way happier with a purple/silver/black Cube.

In addition to the games previously mentioned, check out Spirits and Spells, which is about two trick or treaters (a “witch” and a “devil” who get lost in a haunted house, and looks really cute;Finding Nemo, which is a good game for a movie license; and Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, which is about a purple baby dragon.

Those games are all out now, and are listed at $19, $29, and $19
respectively, so you can take the extra dough you have from choosing the GameCube and give her a good starting library of games, without breaking the bank.

Also, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a game you must have if you own a GameCube. It’s adorable, and a blast to play. (And it gives you an excuse to buy a GameBoy Advance, so you can plug in and help her with the hard parts!)(um, the GBA isn’t required to play the game though, it’s just a fun addition.)

Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker was what sold the GameCube for me. The facial expressions are cute, the dungeon bosses are challenging (but not impossible–it’s pretty easy to learn their weaknesses), and there are lots of little subplots (not necessary to complete the game). I haven’t had trouble finding “adult” games to play, but I have noticed a large number of kid-oriented games for the Cube at the local Best Buy. There is actually a Barbie game available; I don’t know what the plot is about, but I’m guessing it’s better than the Barbie game released for the NES…

Rumor has it the PS2 price is going to drop in response to the recent GC price drop. You might want to wait a little while before buying.

Wow, maybe I should have put a few IMHO’s in my post…

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