Conspiracy anyone?

I just wanted to chum the waters for any passing conspiracy theorists in the area:

From this CNN article

Now from an article a week before the London bombings:

So it seems we had some people in government, and private sector, decrying the Patriot Act and not wanting to renew some of its more intrusvie powers. Then we have a London bombing, by London Nationals no less, and look…most of the Patriot Act provisions are now permenant, and others are extended years!!

Conspiracy? hmmmmm :slight_smile:


Regardless of the outcome of this thread, please permit me to say that this is the most vivid image I think I have seen for initiating one. Kudos!

Pictures of Jaws come to mind with tinfoil hats instead of fins sticking up out of the water.

Hmm…deflecting are we? Something to hide Zeldar? If that is your real name!! You know if you rearrange your name, add a ‘O’ and a ‘V’ you get ROVE. Coincidence?

Oh, sure. Blame it all on the Jaws.

I thought they were blaming it on the Fins.

Fins were a big part of “the Forward Look” of Chrysler Corp. back in the 50’s (MCCarthy Era, see?) and I did think I could sneak that reference in without being noticed.


Actually Zeldar was a character in a little story I wrote long ago. I guess the idea of a male Zelda appealed to me, since Zelda Fitzgerald (F. Scott’s main squeeze) used to grow up in the same town I did. Mere coincidence? You decide.

Oh. And Rove is so Over! And may even be Red!