Conspiracy Kooks is Live!

Hello all, I have designed a board game called Conspiracy Kooks. Each player is a Puppet Master that schemes to take over the world by implanting conspiracies of all stripes. Engage in such world-dominating paths such as Conservative Agenda, Destroy America, or Establish New World Order. Or, change your objective to something else if your current path is riddled with obstructions imposed by other Puppet Master rivals.

Play such conspiracy tropes as Magic Bullet, Skull and Bones Society, Liberal Media, Black Helicopters, and many more! Confuse millions across the globe with your true ambitions, all in the comfort of your own favorite social gathering.

Visit the Conspiracy Kooks shop page at The Game Crafter to order your copy today!

If weird meta games are your thing, take a look at Alt, the game where you hunt humans from parallel universes that have infested our planet. Visit strange places across the globe that attract paranormal activity such as Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51, Uluru, and many more!

Alt at Game Crafter

This sounds amazingly similar to Steve Jackson Games’ Illuminati, which I played to death in collage. So I have to imagine yours is fun as well.

I used to play Illuminati as well, and I have a little bit of an homage to it in CK. One of the cards is “The Illuminati,” and it automatically advances your token on any conspiracy track. Otherwise, the game mechanics are different.

The page appears to be crashing now. Clearly you’ve upset the Puppet Masters.