Constancia Mugglestone, this is for you...

…and all the other women (it seems) who have appeared in my email box with temptations of Auhtenntic,freesoftware_iintasntIyDonwnIaodableBuisinessAndSevrerSowftare" [sic], ever since that fateful day I haplessly responded to an unfamiliar name in my inbox.

I offer this toast to you, Hildegaard Riney, and to you Tresca Bando, and I won’t forget Dorey Garbozci, nor Doree McGuinnis and Faina Hainsworth. I honor you as well, Carlee Furlong and Meara Sarkisian, with Alicea Sande, Kally Quinatana and Tabbitha Harty.

Don’t feel left out, Alicea Sande, and Nathalia Bernauer. And Carrissa Kelman, Dulsea Fasciano, and Matelda Buell.

Oh, I’ll always keep every one of you at the forefront of my thoughts, knowing that any time of day or night, one of you is there with your forbidden pleasures of “topline,topname,programs,downloadnowyourfavoritesoftware.” I will never be alone again.