Constantly disconnected... <cry>

Lets see if I can write all this before I am disconnected…

It seems that every time I connect to my ISP via dialup connection I am always getting disconnected!!! Sometimes it will happen immediatly after I connect, other time it will be a few minutes into the connection or whatever… does anyone know what causes this? What could be done to correct it? And if there is anything I can do on my end to correct the problem???
whew, only reconnected 3 times… better than normal

I used to get this sometimes (back when I was using a dial-up). Go to the dial up settings. Try putting in three commas after the number your modem dials. That’s what finally fixed mine.

  1. Somebody is lifting a phone extension somewhere else in the house.

  2. A dirty extended demarc (is that a 100 foot extension cord between your PC and the phone jack?)

  3. A loose connection somewhere along the path. Try jiggling the cord at various points (especially wherever it plugs into something) to see if you can cause the connection to terminate on demand. Do it several times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke the first time.

  4. About a hundred other reasons.

Do you have call waiting? If so, make sure you disable it before dialing out on your modem.


For me its usually a dirty phone jack, it gets crud from the salty air, so I put in a new one, its only a few bucks.

Who is your ISP? I bet it’s AOL.

Anyway, call up tech service, after the usual wait of two days, tell them your problem, and they will say they will transfer to the 2d level of tech service and then disconnect you. Do this until you’re blue in the face. When you get purple, they will finally tell you to get the telephone guy out to check all the lines, your cords, hook-up, etc. You get the telephone guy and he says everything checks OK.

Then get a cable modem. That is what happened to me.