Construct: Are you for real?

I vote “not for real.”

I realize it comes across as terribly smug for liberals to claim that a conservative poster must be a troll. But honestly it would be more bias-confirming for me to think **Construct **was sincere. His posts are easily the most over-the-top of any poster here, save maybe one or two well-known cases.

He used the word intersectionality in a thread. The Venn Diagram of overt racists who know that word is pretty much just two separate circles.

He does seem to be good at matching whole rows of racism bingo in his posts.

Who says Pinochet wasn’t white?

His posts are generally memorable for their complete lack of substance in my opinion.

He also used “beg the question” correctly. I was amazed.

But yeah. He’s either a troll, or David Dukes.

You’re incompetent and this is a bad pitting. I deserve better, so here are some of my more memorable posts (bolding added):

(this one got a mod note)

(this thread was even in GQ at the time)

This is most of it, though there’s a couple less notable posts I left out.

Knowledge of Latin America is not his strong suit. Pinochet most certainly did not create a western-style government, he overthrow one, replacing it with a military dictatorship of extraordinary brutality. Then again, Construct appears to be confusing economic arrangements with political ones.

Of course, I don’t think Construct is for real so it doesn’t much matter.

ETA: I didn’t see Construct’s post above before posting mine. Case closed.

The Pit that Pits itself … well done Construct

Not just anybody doubles down like that. I’m impressed, albeit appalled.

What the hell is wrong with this board’s moderators? Why isn’t he banned? God this board is only good for lulz now.

He seems like your bog standard white nationalist, nothing unusual. They don’t tend to be particularly liberal, though I’ve seen a few.

Dammit, this is what I get for being so amused by hi post. Everyone wants to take away my fun.

[Cousin Vinny]

You were serious about that?

[/Cousin Vinny]

I’m thinking, “no”.

Where’s the line between trolling and reductio ad absurbum?

Well, his username is “Construct”. I’m guessing he’s a caprophobic bridge-dweller, who’s in it for the evulz. Thus, not worth engaging.

Poe’s Law. It’s not like this board hasn’t seen a lot of others with similar opinions.

Though this thread might provide some more discussion fodder for them…

(I’m not sure if the sequel belongs here, or in the IMHO thread. I’ve posted it to both.)

How about blacks, whose ancestors have been in U.S.A. longer than Irish, Italian immigrants, etc.? Or 2nd-generation immigrants from Asian and Hispanic cultures? Or 1st-generation immigrants for that matter who become U.S. citizens? Are they incapable of voting intelligently, or do you just not like how they vote?

Yes. But Pinochet is a go-to paradigm for Hyperlibertarians to point to as a real-world paradigm. Other examples proposed include (1) U.S.A. before FedRes, SEC, EPA, SocSec etc., i.e. 1920’s-era America; (2) Somalia(!), (3) medieval Ireland(!!).

(Nevermind whether the troll would present as HyperLib if probed. This post isn’t about him.)

IOW, who else they got? The opportunities for new economo-political systems arose at the Soviet Fall, but Russia finished with a thugocracy. The Adventure in Iraq was undertaken by many as a demonstration by the NeoRepublicans – they would nurture a prosperous and vibrant new democracy, (which would then gratefully return much of its oil revenue to its liberators). With the Adventure failing, the Hyperlibs are stuck with … with what? Pinochet’s Chile is the best to be conjured up!?! Appropriate since the Hyperlibs are about nothing if it isn’t Property Rights, and such rights do dictate armed forces adequate to protect property owners.

(In fairness to HyperLibs: Although GWB hired young Republicans to administer Iraq who were demented enough to fall for the italicized clause, most toilet-trained Libs are smart enough to reject the whole Adventure against Gog and Magog in Iraq.)

Yeah, what a timesaver for the rest of us.
I guess with Trump as a model trolling is getting more sophisticated these days.

I do agree with him that Islam is a terribly insidious religion that poses a real and pernicious threat to the world, but I think even many liberals have come around to this conclusion by now.