Construction question: Why would this brick stick out?

Totally mundane, stupid, pointless, idle question, but why would this brick stick out the way it does? None of the rest of the building that I can see has this. It’s just this one brick.

It looks to me like this was a repair - and not a very good one. But I am not a brick layer.

Disclaimer-not a mason.
#1, it would be a repair, you can tell by the different mortar texture and color-however-
#2 it almost looks like a photoshop, although why someone would photoshop it is beyond me.

The way the mortar is applied on the surrounding brick is something I have never seen before, especially seeing that it appears dry. It just doesn’t look right, at all.

Given the sloppy pointing, it’s possible the rear bedment on the adjoining wythe was never removed, preventing a flush fit.

It’s not a photoshop except for some color correction – I took the picture just now at a coffee shop.

A repair by a lazy mason. The mortar color can never be exactly copied, too many variables. Time may fade the color, but it will always be visible.

Look at a photo of the Washington Monument. Construction was halted for a number of years, but the resumption point is clearly visible. Both mortar and stone.

Maybe there’s something on the other side of the wall that required just a little more space than was available?

Or someONE…I would avoid following any rumors of a new cask of Amontillado at this “coffee shop” you go to…

…with an erection…?