Construction time for an office building?

At work they are building a new building for 650 people, it’s 6 stories. They are taking 2 years to build it. That seems pretty slow to me. Could they be building it slow to save money?

They spent 6 months just moving dirt around for the parking lot which seems very slow too.

Depends. Is it a new site? Are there utilities yet? Drainage issues? It always seems like it takes a long time to get out of the ground. Then once the slab is poured the building is up in about a week. And then months where it seems nothing changes. But work goes on. Many things can’t start until other things have finished. It all adds up.

It shouldn’t take that long, and building it slow would probably cost more for various reasons. If it’s taking that long there’s probably construction or financial issues or even money laundering going on.

Yeah, two years would be about right for a 60-80 story concrete frame building. A steel one would top out in about 10 months, but of course there’d be another year of interior finish work.

For a six-story building, something else is happening. Perhaps site remediation was needed, but once out of the ground they should pour a story every two weeks or so.

Echoing other posts, two years is much longer than usual. Also, taking time almost always costs more.

It is concrete and for some odd reason they paved the parking lot first. That seemed like a big waste of time.

Bad thing is we are crammed into an older building because we have grown a lot , we need this new building ASAP. Pretty soon we will have cubicles in the bathrooms.

It’s common to pave a parking lot first. It can be used as a staging area for tying steel and other construction activities.

Could be better - here’s a video of 30 stories in 15 days.

Empire state building was built in 18 months in the 30s. And that included tearing down the existing hotel on the site (old Waldorf-Astoria)

It was built so fast because back then all leases started on May 1st and they wanted it open by that date.