Contact Lens Question

What’s the best thing to do when you run out of soft contact lens solution? I can pick some up tomorrow, but for tonight, is it better for my eyes to sleep in them, or put them in some kind of salt water solution? Or plain water? I’d rather not sleep in them. I tried to Google homemade solutions, but all I got were warnings about why I should NEVER, EVER, use them. Will one night really matter? There are also warnings about NEVER, EVER sleeping in them. Thanks.

Sleep in them tonight and get solution in the morning. One night in soft lenses generally won’t hurt you; I’ve fallen asleep in my lenses before, no problem. Some people go weeks without taking their lenses out.

If you have one of those tiny bottles of lubricating solution, try a drop of that before you go to bed and first thing when you get up. And get to the store pronto.

If you are in any doubt at all don’t do this; don’t let anything anyone here tells you take the place of competent medical advice.

I think it depends alot on the lenses. I have lenses that I can leave in for weeks with no ill effects (they are designed for that purpose). OTOH I have a friend who fell asleep in her’s one night and would up with scratches on her cornea the next morning when she tried to take them out. If at all possible I would suggest finding a store and getting some saline and a storage container to use for the night.

Do you have any eye drops (rewetting drops)? If so, use that. I would go with most anything before sleeping in them if they are not designed for it. It’s easier to get new contacts than new eyes.

How long till it’s time to change them?

In general it’s not a disaster to sleep in them, but it’s really not good to do. It’s a much better idea to wear another pair a week longer than sleeping in one, or spending the ~20 bucks to buy another pair.

NEVER under any circumstance use water! No tap water, no distilled, bottled, spring, or any other kind of water! acanthamoeba keratitis is the phrase to search.

Don’t you have a 24 hr convenience store? Walmart? You should be able to get something.

Good luck. If you do choose to sleep in them, I second the recommendation of putting rewetting drops in your eyes before you go to sleep and immediately upon waking.

Might I ask what brand of lenses you’re wearing?